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Why choose a roof bike rack

Why choose a roof bike rack

Though there are different types of bike racks for vehicles it is true that most of the people possessing their own vehicle go for roof mount bike racks for their vehicle; but why choose a roof bike rack? There are several advantages to using a roof mounted bike rack rather than a hitch mounted bike rack on the front or at the rear side of a vehicle. a roof mounted bike rack doesn’t only have advantages but it also has some sort of disadvantages too. But as you know, like every other thing in this world, it also has limited cons compared to the pros for good equipment.

A roof mounted bike rack is a rack device in which, a bike can be hooked firmly and kept on the lid of a vehicle- whether that be a jeep or a car or other similar vehicles. But the main characteristic of this rack is for transportation purpose. Often, you plan to go for a sunset spot where you can roam with eternal biking peace with your friends and families! But have you ever imagined how you will take your ride in your vehicle with you? If you plan to keep the bike inside your vehicle, then that will just be a mess inside, nothing else or sure.

With a roof mounted bike rack installed on the top of your vehicle firmly, allow you to take your bike ride with you anywhere at any time. Moreover, you can install multiple racks on the top and take multiple bikes with you. When you reach your picnic destination, you just unhook all your rides and leave your children and friends to roam here and there with bikes. A picnic like this is like a dream come true for you. Why won’t you go for it?

Why choose roof bike rack/advantages of a roof bike rack

A roof bike rack can be a lot conducive if used well with all its specifications. Naturally, it comes with rail kits, which are mountable on a vehicles lid. Though there are frontal or rear end mountable bike racks but people prefer using rooftop bike racks for their bikes due to many reasons. Moreover, rooftop bike racks are best safe and secured while moving. However, the main reasons why choose a roof bike rack are-

  1. You do not need to unhook or uninstall the rack kit when it is not in use. It’s just like a shelf where you keep your bike while moving a long distance with your bike, just simple as that. You do not need to up-mount or in-hinge the rack kit like the frontal and rear end rack kits for bikes in vehicles.
  2. Roof bike rack doesn’t populate too much floor area for the vehicle. In some cases, turning left and right can be problematic for narrow roads with turns. But in rooftop racks, this isn’t a great problem, as the bike is kept right above the driving seat. That’s one of the main reasons you’ll certainly feel comfortable about using a roof bike rack for your vehicle.
  3. While driving, you need a very clear and clean view of the rear side. But if you use frontal or rear end bike racks, it might get hampered and your sight lines might be unclear. Therefore, using roof bike rack is always conducive in this case. Obviously, you have to mind your vehicle height while passing through tunnels.
  4. Frontal and rear end hanging bikes lie on a sidearm whereas rooftop bikes are kept on a rack that is based on the lid directly. Hence, the bike keeping is way more safe and secured. The total weight or bikes, whatever the number of bike is, isn’t to worry because all the loads are pushed horizontally to the vehicle. On the contrary, vertical weight to the vehicle might cause hinge losing and other frictional problems.
  5. The sharp turning of the vehicle can cause due to traumatic reasons. When you do so, you won’t need to worry because it is based right in the center of hooking and the overall weight distribution is firm for the bike through the rack.
  6. Taking a single bike to a distant place for a number of children won’t be apt because each of them would love to ride their own. But through a roof bike rack, you can take multiple bikes for all the children traveling along for a picnic. Enjoyment of the children is the ultimate entertainment always.

Things you should remember while choosing a roof bike rack for your vehicle:

Though roof bike rack has convenient advantages over the disadvantages; but the latter ones should be kept in mind very crucially. Some of the most important points are-

  1. Roof mounted bike racks are more expensive than any other type of bike racks available in the market because they come up with different sorts of mechanisms required to hook it up with the vehicle roof.
  2. Compared to any other bike racks, you’ll find that roof-mounted bike racks are quite difficult to install on the vehicle lid very perfectly. Obviously you have to make it sure that all the joints and screws are tight and firm on the vehicle body; otherwise, serious problems may arise which driving at greater speed.
  3. Installing a roof mounted bike and putting bikes on them might cause a height problems for vehicles. Roof clearance gets reduced and while driving, you always have to maintain safe height during driving through tunnels, lowered bridges, flyovers, overpasses, lampposts, advertisements, etc. Disregarding these might cause severe accidents unknowingly.
  4. Roof bike racks can be a source of the increasing problems for the vehicle. Increases air noise, jerking, and vibrational knocks, weight problems, etc. can emerge while driving at greater speed. Whatever, happens, you have to make sure that your vehicle is perfectly ok while running at greater speeds despite the presence of a roof mounted bike rack.


If you are looking for loads more answers regarding why choose a roof bike rack, then you ought to research more and think practically rather than virtually through seeing images and reading contents.

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