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When Do Your Brake Pads Need Replacing?

When Do Your Brake Pads Need Replacing?

Disc brake pads replacement is required on a regular basis, especially during the winter season. When a bike is used regularly, it picks up more grime and grit from muddy trails and wet roads. There are two different kinds of brakes, i.e, disc brakes and rim brakes. In this post, we will discuss disc brakes.

It’s worth mentioning that disc brakes are found on most mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, cyclocross bikes, and on-road bikes. These bikes have brake pads that clamp instantly onto a disc in the middle of the wheel. Over time, pads wear down and need replacement. In most cases, replacement is required twice a year.

Disc Brake Pad Replacement

In case you have high-quality disc brake, you need to carefully remove the wheel. You also need to pull the bike’s brake pad out of its caliper to see the condition. According to experts, disc pads start about 3-4 mm of the compound on the brake pad. These need to be replaced when about 1 mm space is left.

In addition to this, experts also believe that disc brakes often stop working well when they’re down to 1 mm. Traditionally, when your brakes stop functioning properly, disc brake pad replacement is required. For instance, when you need to pull the lever against the handlebar to stop the bike, it’s important to check the disc brake pad.

In case the brake pads still have a layer of compounds, you just need to tighten the brake cable. This can resolve the problem. In order to ensure a good job, you should always consult professionals.

Precautions to Take

A lot of bike enthusiasts overlook various precautions before riding mountain bikes. The feeling of excitement and thrill overtakes the senses and makes you avoid important decisions that need to be taken. This is extremely important when you plan to ride a mountain bike in rough terrain. In the last few years, mountain bikes have become extremely popular.

While riding a mountain bike, you come across rough and difficult terrain. Due to this, it’s important to make sure the bike is in excellent condition. In addition to this, you are more prone to meet accidents. There are certain precautions you should always take before riding a mountain bike.

Before going on a ride, you should tightly squeeze the brake levers. This allows you to check the brake. When you have an idea about the amount of pressure you need to exert, it gives you a clear idea about how much effort you need to make. It’s also important to check the brake pads. You should make sure the brake pads only hit the rims, and not the tires.

In case the brake pads hit your bike’s tires, they can work out the sidewalls very easily. It also increases the possibility of meeting with an accident. On the other hand, when brake pads only hit the rims, they allow consistent and gentler stops. When you purchase a mountain bike, it’s important to check the brake pads. If you think there’s a problem, you should consult a professional.

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