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Doing sports outside and inside the mountain or moving around in your city, the bikes give you a unique range of options that you must know perfectly. Find out types of bicycle in this review!

The development of technology and manufacturing techniques has allowed more and more types of existing bicycles. Nowadays, you can find bicycles of all sizes, colors, and other purposes. This wide variety of clouds our minds, causing us not to be very clear what kind of bike we need for a specific purpose.

We developed some theories for any questions. Do you want the cheap electric bikes, but do not know how to distinguish the characteristics between them? Do you think all mountain bikes are the same? Tackle these questions and more in this post!

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1. Types of ride bicycles 

Ride bicycles are very helpful for traveling short distances in cities or towns. 

English bicycle

We started the article by discussing a classic bike. The English bicycle is the perfect demonstration of globalization and urban transport. This type of vehicle has gone through better and worse stages, however, in full vintage jubilation, English bicycles are living a second youth.

The English bicycle has multiple versions that are ideal for both urban and city. It has relaxed frame angles (about 68 degrees). Moreover, it has 700 wheels, the wheels of a smaller thickness, and a larger diameter. 

A particularity of this type of bike is that it has brakes with rod drive. The fenders, the saddle somewhat lower than the handlebars, and excellent resistance are other qualities of this bike that you should care.

Dutch bicycle

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, English bicycles became very fashionable in various parts of the world. However, there was a problem for women who use it – the frame was too tall and uncomfortable to climb on the seat. 

The Dutch bicycle appeared to avoid all these problems. The bicycle frame took a curved shape downwards, preventing this problem and favoring a much more vertical driving. Many models came with a skirt protector to prevent them from getting tangled up with the wheel!

Folding bicycle 

When we want a bike that allows us to move around urban areas, the option is the Schwinn folding bike. With the folding bike, you can combine the routes in buses, subways, and trains with the bike paths. Besides, these types of vehicles usually have wheels with smaller diameters than the rest. Today, they generally manufactured with lightweight materials for easy transport. The versatility of this type of bicycle has many forms and functions for users.

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Beach bike or cruiser

In truth, they were the precursors of the latter. The picture will vary depending on the model, although it is usually curved. The main feature of the shirts is that they have thicker tires. Braking is generally counterbalanced and is perfect for urban environments. It may be valid for mountainous terrain, but preferably flat. 


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Urban electric bicycle

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This type of bike greatly facilitates transport in vast territories and is an alternative to the car to avoid the traffic that usually occurs in the prominent population centers. What are the main qualities of an electric bicycle? The main one is the combination of pedaling with the assistance of an electric motor.

It means that the electric bicycle does not start to circulate alone. For the electric motor to be a support in our journey, we must pedal. The moment we stop doing so, the engine stops supporting us in gear. 

 – Its power should not exceed 250W

 – It should not weigh more than 40 kg.

 – The motor must be disconnected after 25km/h. 

It is possible to say that the urban electric bicycles present numerous forms. On the other hand, there are folding electric bikes that facilitate their transport exponentially.

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2. Types of mountain bikes

Riding a bike through the mountains is an experience. We no longer find the cheap mountain bikes that everyone comes to mind. There are some mountain bikes for you below:

Cross country bike

Wherever you go, you will propose a standard mountain bike, well, these are called cross country or rally.

Beach bicycles used for this more demanding purpose. Gradually, certain features were removed – such as fenders and ornaments, and others added – such as gears and brakes adapted from the motorcycle. In this way, the standard mountain bikes or cross country came up.

Within this type of bike, we find qualities that vary: some have rear suspension, others only front, certain have both, and there are mountain bikes that do not have any suspension. They are usually made of aluminum or carbon fiber, and are multipurpose bicycles is not very complicated terrain.

The standard mountain bike has given way to a wide variety of modalities. Read on to discover the most prominent. Each of them has a specific mission. 

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Enduro bike (All mountain)

You are passionate about mountain biking. This type of wheels will allow you to jump any obstacle you encounter. Besides, the thickness of said tires causes their disc brakes to be larger than usual.

They are bicycles with double suspension and star in the All-Mountain modality, a type of mountain competition that increasingly has more followers. 

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Downhill or downhill bike

If enduro bicycles are worth purchasing, downhill bicycles made for extreme descents. Its rear and front suspensions can reach a distance of 200mm. They are a type of bikes developed, especially, to create complex slopes, so the pedaling is in the background in this two-wheeled vehicle. The sport modality that usually practiced with this bicycle is called descent od own hill. 

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Fat bike

Some bicycles with unbelievable wide wheels sound. Well, this type called fat bikes. The large front ball of this type of bike is the main reason why this vehicle does not need front suspension (although there are bikes that do include it).

But why such wide tires? The answer found in the purpose they have. The bikes’ fat designed to roll on surfaces with snow, sand, or mud. 

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E-bike or Electric Mountain Bike

When we talk about e-bikes, it is electric mountain bikes. The mountainous terrain can be quite hard, but thanks to the incorporation of electric batteries in these vehicles, the route is no longer so intense.

The e-bikes have similar characteristics to those of standard mountain bikes (except battery). The rule is the same as in urban electric bicycles: the help of the bike will always come while you ride. The most problem using this type of bike? Battery life. If we want to make longer journeys with an e-bike, likely, the battery will not last the entire trip. 

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3. Types of off-mountain sports bicycles 

Asphalt is an excellent way to move with your bike. However, it must meet characteristics that do not include mountain bikes and hitch bike rack. Do you want to find out more about which sports bikes are out of the mountains?   

Track bike

It is another of the bicycles that have taken advantage of the “boom” of vintage. The track bike, also called fixie, has a shape similar to the road bike. Moreover, you might not distinguish them! 

Currently, the Fixies manufactured in many ways: the need to look more perished modern racing bicycles, and there are also versions with a more traditional appearance resemble.

In any case, we discuss bicycles suitable for anyone who wants to exercise in flat and asphalted territories. 

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Road bike

When you want to pedal on the road, the best option is the road bike or a racing bike. Speed ​​is the main factor of these jewels that flood the path of professional and beginner cyclists.

The external characteristics of this vehicle allow anyone who rides the bike to adopt an aerodynamic posture that favors the speed of movement and the transmission of power to the pedals. The high-performance narrow tires are large inches, which also supports the speed of travel.

The handlebar is one of the most particular aspects of this type of bike. It is low, so that the cyclist can stand up, and adopts different forms depending on the kind of competition. 

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BMXs emerged between the late 1970s and early 1980s in California. The BMX has a small size, a small wheels that allow better handling of the vehicle and a reasonably wide handlebar to ensure a more accurate driving. The seats placed low, so it is not very comfortable to sit on them. On the one hand, we are talking about bikes used in the extreme homonymous sport. The bicycle motocross is a competition where its participants jump on dirt or asphalt tracks similar to those of motocross. Moreover, BMX is also bicycles designed to perform stunts and different tricks on skateboards. FreeStyle fashion has expanded strongly in many countries around the world.

As for the FreeStyle version, to provide more maneuvering complications, athletes add some pegs – placed on the rear wheel and sometimes on the front. Have you ever tried practicing stunts on a BMX? You have to try it!  

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You never know what a dislike with the bike can cost us, so take out the insurance that best suits your needs! If you like our review, please share it on your social media.


After reviewing our article, we hope you can have more understandings as well as differentiate all types of bicycles on the market at this time. If you like our post, please share it with your friends and let us know what you expect in the future.           

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