Toddler Bike – Best Balance Bike 2020

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Toddler Bike – Best Balance Bike

Balance bikes teach young children coordination and balance.  It is a good transition from ride-along toys to pedal bicycles, and a lot of parents are choosing balance bikes over training wheels.

How do you choose the Toddler Bikebest balance bike for your child?  With so many different brand names, styles, and features, it can be difficult.  This guide should help you make the right choice for you.

Toddler Bike – Best Balance Bike


Learning to ride a bike is an exciting time for a toddler – but also a scary one! I remember as a kid getting on my bike with my training wheels and thinking I was the coolest kid ever. But then the training wheels came off and I was not so cool anymore when I kept falling over because I could not get the bike to balance!

This is why a Balance Bike is a wonderful idea. It is a toddler bike specially made for those that are learning to ride – the first step that teaches balance and control. Balance Bikes can also be called Walking Bikes, Running Bikes, or Toddler Bikes – this is important when you do your shopping!

The balance bike is easy to use and has been proven to teach important motor skills like balance and coordination. They can learn to use the bike in several steps with the ultimate goal being full balance and coasting.

Balance Bike Training Steps:

1) Many kids like to stand over the seat and simply walk the bike as their first step.

2) Once more comfortable with how the bike feels, they can sit down and then use their feet to push the bike ahead and backward.

3) The third stage is where the fun begins, the can walk their bike in short spurts and pick up their feet to let it coast a bit

4) The final stage is where they can coast down small hills and things so they can work on their balancing while coasting with their feet up and working on their steering.

There are many sizes, shapes, and designs available in the Balance Bike world and to help you choose the right one, you may want to check out our Selecting A Balance Bike.


Choosing a balance bike can be challenging! There are many things to consider including size, material, cost, design, safety, etc. This guide will offer some basic information you should consider before choosing your next kids balance bike.

Toddler Bike – Best Balance Bike

Balance Bike Sizes

This is probably the most important aspect of choosing a balance bike. If the size is off it will prohibit your child from using the bike the proper way to learn the needed balancing skills.

The seat height is what differentiates each of the brands of balance bikes. This measurement is specifically the measurement from the ground to the top of the seat.

To get the best fit for your child you should measure their inseam which is the length from the ground to the bottom of your child’s crotch. So if your child has an inseam of 12″, then you can get any balance bike that offers a seat height of 12″ or more. If they have an inseam of 10″ then the 12″ balance bike may be a bit too high for them.

Many balance bikes have adjustable seat heights so you want to make sure that seat height falls within their inseam height.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Balance bikes are not the kind of thing you can buy “bigger” for future use. Since this is a here and now type toy it is important that you get the right size for your child at this moment in time.

Balance Bike Materials

Balance bikes are typically available in 3 types of materials – wood, metal, and plastic. What you decide on is a personal choice as there really is no right or wrong choice as to which to get.

Metal: A lightweight option, metal balance bikes are usually manufactured with steel or aluminum and usually offer a variable seating height adjustment.

Wood: Definitely the prettier option! Wooden balance bikes can be lightweight or a bit on the heavier side depending on the type of wood used. Many are eco-friendly and use renewable wood sources.

Plastic: Not just your everyday plastic- but a heavy-duty plastic that actually tends to be a more durable option for your balance bike. Because unlike wood or metal the plastic does not rot or rust and is very hard to damage.

With all the different brands to choose from it can still be a tough choice, even with this guide.  So we have done tons of research and have broken it down even more, so take a look below and you will find the top 5 best balance bikes, based on our reviews that have bought the actual bike for their child.

I hope we can help you find the right balance bike for your little one. Also below you will find our detailed reviews of all the above Toddler Bike – best balance bikes

Top 5 Best Toddler Bikes – Balance Bikes

It is hard to decide which Balance Bike is best for your child so we have created this easy to use a table of the balance bikes that have the best reviews on Amazon.

Kazam Balance Bike Review

Do you have a 3 to 6 years of age that is not riding a bike yet? With the KaZAM Balance Bike, your kid will certainly never have to make use of training wheels. Try it as well as you’ll know why both toy specialists and parents agree that KaZAM is the best balance bike and easiest way to teach chỉldren to ride a bike.

KaZAM Balance Bike

Shop now at

Features of Kazam Balance Bike


  • For 3 to 6 years old.


  • The Kazam has a unique design w/ a footrest for easier balancing.
  • Padded grips & raised seat.
  • Adjustable handlebars that are chrome.
  • Steel spokes &  air-inflated tires.
  • Quick-release seat adjustment so it grows w/ your child.
  • Adjustable chrome handlebars
  • Soft padded grips
  • Raised molded seat
  • Quick-release seat adjustment
  • Friction-free metal headset with bearings
  • Air-inflated tires
  • Steel spokes
  • East step in; patented footrest design
  • Quality bike-dependent components
Kazam Balance Bike


  • Max weight is 75 pounds.
  • Weight: 11.2 pounds
  • Frame: Metal
  • Tire: Rubber; 12 inches
  • Wheel Type: Air
  • Adjustable seat: 14 to 17.5 inches
  • Adjustable Handlebars: 18.75 to 22.5 inches
  • Dimensions: 33 by 4.75 by 22.5  inches(L x W x H)
  • Limited assembly required

Benefits of the Kazam Balance Bike?

Parents spend plenty of hours instructing their kids how to ride a bike. When purchasing a training bike, the majority of parents pick pedaled bicycles with training wheels. It feels like the most simple way to learn how to ride a bike, however training wheels do not show children how to balance or appropriate bike steering. A bike with training wheels might also be dangerous because it can topple over if a kid rides over irregular ground or turns a corner too fast. Many parents struggle with discouraging their kids off of training wheels, and also some kids utilize training wheels for two or even 3 years prior to lastly finding out just how to ride a bike.

If you wish to instruct your kids to ride a pedaled bicycle promptly as well as safely, try the balance-first, pedal-next strategy to learning to ride a bike. KaZAM bikes are the perfect training bikes because KaZAM instructs kids how to stabilize as well as steer a bicycle. KaZAM is the only balance bike on the marketplace uniquely created with a footrest. Kids raise their feet up naturally and also place them on the footrest keeping proper balance and center of gravity similar to riding a traditional bicycle. KaZAM instructs children to control and balance as well as prepares them to ride a pedaled “big child” bicycle.

Where can you buy the Kazam Balance Bike at the best price?

As you can see by the glowing reviews the Kazam balance bike is a really good product. The best deal online for this balance bike is Amazon. Check out all the prices.  Get Kazam Balance Bike (Blue) at the best price available today.

Kazam Balance Bike

Shop now at

Prince Lionheart Balance Bike Review

Prince Lionheart offers some of the finest balance bikes for toddlers available on the market today. The Prince Lionheart Chop Balance Bike has such a unique look that every little kid will love. Imagine the looks of happy on their face when they tour around town and the pride when they master those important skills of balance and coordination. The Prince Lionheart Chop Balance Bike is the perfect transition bike from that little ride-on to the big kid 2-wheelers.

Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

Shop now at

Features of Prince Lionheart Chop Balance Bike:

Prince Lionheart Balance Bike
  • Helps children learn the important skills of balance and coordination
  • Adjustable seat to accommodate various heights
  • Inflatable rubber tires
  • Foam handlebar grips
  • Cushioned leatherette seat
  • 100% birch wood for the frame

Benefits of the Prince Lionheart Chop Balance Bike:

The Prince Lionheart balance bike is a great toddler bike that offers a great look and great features for your little one. Your child will learn the important skills needed to ride the bigger bikes like balance, steering, and general coordination. It is the next step after they have mastered ride on toys.

The first thing we notice about this balance bike is the unique design. The sportier look will definitely appeal to the little daredevil and the front number will make them feel like they are in a real motocross race!

The 100% birch wood frame is strong and sturdy and is just plain gorgeous. One of my favorite features of this particular balance bike is the solid rubber hand grips which help little hands stay in place and not slip and slide around. The 12″ rubber tires give a smooth ride and work well on concrete, asphalt, and blacktop surfaces which gives great flexibility as to where your child uses the bike.

And one of my favorite features is the adjustable seat! YEAH! This will allow my child the opportunity to use the balance bike for a longer period of time.

The Prince Lionheart Balance Bike is meant for children ages 2-5 years old.

Where can you buy the Prince Lionheart Balance Bike at the best price?

Parents love the Prince Lionheart Balance Bike and have given it glowing reviews, no wonder it is a top seller for kids balance bikes.

Now the best deals right now on the Prince Lionheart Bike are at Amazon. I hope this review has helped bring you closer to a decision on which is the best balance bike for your little one.  Get Prince Lionheart Balance Bike at the best price available today.

Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

Shop now at

Kiddimoto Balance Bike Review

The Kiddimoto Scrambler balance bike is ideal for young children to help them develop steadiness and proficiency on two wheels.  The balance bike was made similar to off-road motocross bikes in that it has treaded tires, sculptured tanks, and an under the seat exhaust.  The Scrambler has no training wheels, is slightly taller and children ride by standing upright.  This quality bike is perfect for children as their learner bike.

Kiddimoto Scrambler balance bike

Shop now at

Features of Kiddimoto Balance Bike:

Kiddimoto Scrambler balance bike
  • Made of 100% renewable birch hardwood.
  • There are no pedals, gears, or chains.
  • Foam handle grips.
  • Foam cushioned seat.
  • Inflatable tires with inner tubes.
  • No training wheels.
  • Train children on how to stay balanced and how to steer.
  • See more Kiddimoto Scrambler Features
Kiddimoto Scrambler balance bike

Shop now at

Benefits of the Kiddimoto Balance Bike

Many parents love the Kiddimoto Scrambler and they all agreed that it is well made.  They also are impressed that it is made of wood, has no training wheels, or gears and that it has inflatable tires.  Children love that it looks like a motorcycle but they have a hard time choosing the color.

Some people only saw these in Europe and now are very happy that they are available in the States.  The design of the wheels can be problematic as well as the wood attached to the lower part of the seat.  Children have injured themselves and parents would like to see padding placed on the panel to avoid this.  The wheels wobble when going at a steady pace because they seem to be bent and so the child will not learn balance.

Where can you buy the Kiddimoto Balance Bike at the best price?

Kiddimoto seems to make a really good product. Below you will see the prices listed for Amazon.  Get Kiddimoto Scrambler Balance Bike, Blue at the best price available today.

Kiddimoto Scrambler balance bike

Shop now at

M-Wave Running Bike Review

The M-Wave Running Bike is a classicly designed bike that offers a great riding experience and skill-building techniques that will transition well into a big kid bike rider! The balance bike does seem to run a little big with a few people noting that their 3-year-old seemed to not be able to totally put their feet to the ground, so that is something to consider when making your purchase. The tires on this bike are plastic – not inflatable so the ride maybe a little less smooth than other balance bikes, but we still think this bike is a great value-priced bike for a starter bike. There is a hand brake for stopping – another important skill for when riding their big bikes!

M-Wave Running Bike

Shop now at

Features of M-Wave Running Bike:

  • Adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Lightweight
  • Front brakes
  • CPSC approved
  • See more M-Wave Child’s Running Bike Features.
M-Wave Running Bike

Shop now at

Pros and Cons of M-Wave Running Bike

Pros & Cons

  • Easy assembly
  • Well built
  • Great value
  • Instructions are in German
  • Runs big in size

Where can you buy the M-Wave Running Bike at the best price?

Get the M-Wave Child’s Running Bike at the best price available today on Amazon

M-Wave Child’s Running Bike

Shop now at

Zum Balance Bike Review

Fun, safe and cool to look at, the ZUM Balance Bike is a newer kid on the balance bike block but has a great look with great features that will have your kids getting a hang of those important bike riding skills in no time.

For the ages of 2-6, the bike like all balance bikes has no pedals and focuses on balancing skills. Its patented steering prevents jack-knife accidents and the metal frame holds smaller riders comfortably. The rubber handgrips help little ones grip comfortably and securely.

ZUM Balance Bike

Shop now at

Features of  ZUM Balance Bike

Zum Balance Bike
  • For ages 2 to 6
  • Sealed bearings for maintenance-free, silent and smooth-running wheels
  • All-terrain, rubber, air-inflated tires
  • High-grade steel hub and spoke wheels
  • Measures 33.5 inches long and 23 inches tall
  • Handlebar width measures 16.5 inches
  • Seat/frame width is 5.5 inches
  • Adjustable seat height goes from 14.5 inches to 18 inches

Where can you buy the Zum Balance Bike at the best price?

Get the Zum Balance Bike at the best price available today on Amazon

ZUM Balance Bike

Shop now at

Zum Balance Bike

What Should You Look For When Buying A Kids Balance Bike?

Child’s Age: There are different types of kids balance bikes for different ages. We break this down for you.

User Ratings: Make sure you get a glider bike that has some good parent reviews.

Metal or Wooden: This comes down to your preference, but it is something to consider.

Adjustable Seat: Not all kids balance bikes have this feature, but it will grow with your child.

Price: Finding the best price is always a factor in what to purchase.  We will always have the best-discounted balance bikes.

Shipping Costs: This could be a factor but all of the balance bikes for kids on this site have free shipping from Amazon.

Balance Bikes For Kids – The Best Options! The best options for the best balance bikes are the ones with a combination of all the above features, that meet your specific needs.


Thanks for visiting Toddler Bike – Best Balance Bike 2020, we hope we helped you with your quest for the Best Balance Bike for Kids!

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