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Tips for commuting by bicycle

Tips for commuting by bicycle

Cycling is becoming one of the pleasures of a great many sports enthusiasts today because of this healthy recreational activity. Moreover, environment-friendly means helps not only reduce congestion of the traffic at rush hours in big cities but avoid happening unexpected accidents as well. However, some other people think that it is very easy to get a problem with this small vehicle due to it doesn’t be safe like the big car and motorbike. Actually, it is safer than other means if you know some small notes below:

1. Check your bike

Remember to perform this step before you start each of your riding trips. When you get a lot of free time, you should check the whole bicycle as brakes, tires, saddles, frames and etc. In case you don’t have much time for this step, you can only test two main parts as brakes and tires in such a way that the brakes are sensitive enough to brake suddenly without being jerky and the tires don’t be deflated. If there is any broken part of your bike, you shouldn’t hesitate without repairing it at the nearest bike shop. This is the most important step because a good bike not only ensures your safe living but also brings confidence and a merry mood for your entire journey.

2. Preparing protective matters and the other necessary things

It is very important to check your bicycle but preparing the protecting materials of your life are more important. Dress for the weather; helmet; elbow and knee pads are the indispensable objects during your cycling trip. In spite of your experience in riding a bike and complying with the traffic rules in any of your cycling journeys, it is very difficult to avoid happening unexpected accidents so these items are extremely necessary for the riding activity without being outdated and cumbersome materials like some cyclist’s thinks. Furthermore, you always need to bring some needed things whether your cycling route is short or long.

Do you know how to arrange in reasonable order instead of cramming all of them into your rucksack? In this case, you need to get a rucksack strategy to travel light. You should just take the slight and essential objects with a bike which doesn’t get many seat during your short trip. For example, I believe that nobody wants to carry on a laptop of 2 or 3 kg in weight on the back throughout the whole trip. Which materials are required and lightweight? It depends on the needs of each person such as rucksack, magazine, shirts, plastic bags, waterproof, fluorescent jacket, winter jacket or overshoes. Some of the professional cyclists make preparation for themselves the items help them not be stinky after a hard long trip as wet wipes, t-shirts, and deodorants.

3. Change your route

In case you consider this is your physical activity every morning, I sure that you have had your own familiar route. Perhaps riding on this street for a long time will help you get acquainted with that terrain without meeting dangerous accidents. However, this activity will be more and more boring, if you have ridden the only route for many years. Why don’t you choose another road on any beautiful day with nice weather? I believe that it will make you in high spirits with exciting experiences in order to begin a new day.

4. Cycling with friends or colleague

You should take part in this activity with your riding group so that your partners and you can help together when meeting any problem. In addition, when cycling with a good number of bike enthusiasts, you not only can also learn the unknown riding skills from some of them who get more experienced than you and vice versa but have the interesting and comfortable conversations with them as well If you can’t find a cycling group, you should look for at least a fellow-passenger because it is very hard to handle the unexpected accidents by yourself.

5. Look after your bike

When resting, you have to check whether or not your bicycle is broken so that you either repair it at the nearest bicycle store or utilize the wipes to clean all of the parts of your bike: brakes, moving parts, chain, wheel rims so as to it isn’t impeded by anything. Another great idea is that let you change a different bike in order to maintain yours.

6. Treat yourself and let the fun

After taking care of your bike, you should also treat yourself a cup of coffee with delicious odor or your favorite food to supplement the extra energy in such a way that you can go on cycling your trip confidently. Also, you don’t create too much pressure on yourself, let you remember this is an interesting activity so you just relax and ride. For instance, when you feeling the wind in your hair and the sunlight on your back, seeing the surroudings and greating with other cyclists, all of these wonderful thing will bring joy to your new day.

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