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Tips For Choosing The Right Bike Rack For Your Car

Tips for choosing the right bike rack for your car

A bike rack for a car is primarily used to transport mountain bikes and other portable outdoor equipment. Although some bikes can be carried on a roof rack or inside the car’s boot, a bike rack provides more safety and ensures your bike is transported in the appropriate manner. If you are planning on buying a bike rack for your car, consider choosing a car rack that is compatible with your car model. There are so many bike ranks available for each and every car make, SUV cars, range rovers, and land lovers require a comprehensive bike rack than station wagons and saloon cars.

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Choose a rack that will accommodate your bike size and design

If you have several bikes that you would like to carry with your car, make sure you purchase a good rack that will be able to accommodate all your bikes. Most bike racks are designed to carry from three to five bikes. Once the rack is mounted on the car, it’s also good to ensure that it’s well installed and strong enough to carry the weight of your bikes. A good rack should provide a four to six-inch allowances gap between the car and the bike. Car bike racks that are too close to the car can cause scratches and screen damages.

Safety Tips for car bike racks

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1. Before you start your journey or drive off, always make sure that every nut and bolt is tightly mounted in place
2. Do not use your car bike rank to carry other goods and products. The bike rack is specifically designed to carry bicycles
3. Always remove the rack before washing your car or entering a car wash
4. Never operate your car when the rack is not properly mounted
5. Regularly check your bikes in different stop-by to ensure that there is nothing dragging behind and everything is properly installed.
6. Using racks on rough roads could damage your bikes due to the shaking of the extended rack mountings.

After you have bought your car bike rack, ask a professional to install it for you. Cars or vehicles that contain spoilers require specially designed racks in order to perfectly fit with the car model designs. If you install a rack that blocks the car signals, make sure you add some reflectors that will be viewable by drivers driving behind your car. Once you follow all the guides of buying a best car bike rack, you will be able to make a good choice and enjoy the experience.

bike rack for car

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