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Thule 956 Parkway 4 Bike Hitch Mount Carrier Review

Thule 956 Parkway 4 Bike Hitch Mount Carrier

One of the most popular hitch mount bike racks are made by Thule. The  Thule 956 Parkway is probably the most popular one of them all. This carrier offers you the following:

Thule Parkway Hitch Mount Rack

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Two Models Available For The Most Popular Size Receivers
Thule provides you with a 4 bike carrier that will fit in most any hitch. The 956 models will mate with the class III 2 inch hitch. Alternatively, they also provide the 957 model for class II 1 1/4 inch receivers. Nearly all carriers for hitch mount will be one of these two sizes.

You Can Haul Bikes For The Whole Crew
Whether you are planning for a group ride of just fun for the family the 956 can accommodate it. With able room on the forks, you can load up to four bikes. With a weight limit of 140 pounds, most adult bikes will ride securely and safely.

No Sticking Out Like A Sore Thumb Here
From the tip of the forks to the end of the hitch shaft is a total of 34.5 inches. This makes the Parkway just long enough to be functional but short enough to not get in the way. You’ll still have to remember it’s back there when backing up, however!

Forks Wide Enough To Handle Most Sizes
This carrier has an 11-inch fork width. At this size, you should be able to handle bikes for most sizes. This width can accommodate all but the tiniest or most unusual shaped bikes.

Strap ‘Em Down For Safety
Tie-down straps are included and are adequate for keeping your bikes secure during transport. Some feel, however, better with additional straps. You can get these when you buy your rack or later on.

Access To Your Trunk Or Hatchback
Like many other rear-mounted carriers you can fold the frame down for access. Like most carriers of this type, you have to have the bikes off of the forks. Leaving your bikes on while trying to lower can cause potential damage or harm to you and or your bikes.

Put It Together And Be Off And Driving
This bike rack is super simple to assemble. Most people report that they can have it together in less than 15 minutes.

Not All Racks Are Perfect
The one biggest complaint about Thule’s 956 Parkway bike carrier is that it does not use a standard hitch pin. Also to lock it down you must have Thule’s lock. Although I can not suggest it, many have reported that they drilled out the hole and used their own pin and lock. This complaint is not just isolated to Thule. One advantage of this way of securing to the receiver is that it creates more stability and less vibration of the carrier frame.

The simplicity and durability of the Thule 956 Parkway has been a hit with riders for many years now. No wonder coming from a company that specializes in carriers for your vehicle. Amazon I have found always has the best deals. Click here to learn more about the Thule Parkway 4 Bike Hitch Mount Carrier

Thule 956 Parkway 4 Bike Hitch Mount Carrier

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