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Recumbent Exercise Bikes Benefits – Healthy, Safe and Smart

Recumbent Exercise Bikes Benefits – Healthy, Safe and Smart

While watching TV, you are sure at one time or another to have seen a commercial that advertises the best equipment and the easiest way to get in shape. If getting in shape, having better health and stamina is your goal, sometimes watching those commercials can be downright frustrating when you are trying to decide which workout program and fitness equipment are best for you.

For a healthy, safe and smart cardio workout, a recumbent exercise bike is recommended by many physicians and trainers. These experts will tell you that recumbent bikes are also one of the safest pieces of exercise equipment you can use to burn calories, increase stamina and improve overall health.


A recumbent exercise bike can give you a comfortable, low-stress cardio workout. Depending upon your efforts, working out on an exercise bike can raise your heart rate by 60-85 percent. Greater range of motion and flexibility, as well as increased lower body strength, are also health benefits you will gain by using a recumbent bike. Another advantage to using an exercise bike is that most models come with pre-programmed workouts and monitors to indicate pulse rate and a number of calories burned during your workout session. For the greatest health benefits, experts recommend exercising for at least 20 minutes a day, three days a week. Be sure to talk to your physician before beginning any exercise program.


One of the best and safest pieces of exercise equipment to use when getting started on your fitness program is the recumbent exercise bike. Perfect for people of every fitness level, whether beginner or advanced, recumbent bikes are also a great option for people with minor physical problems…especially back problems. Unlike jogging or running, using a recumbent bike creates less pounding and stress on the spine and joints. The bucket seat sits low to the floor while stretching the legs out in front creates great support for your back while putting less pressure on the knees and other joints. Because of the comfort and safety, you find in using the recumbent bike, you will want to exercise more often allowing you to enjoy a great aerobic workout.


Exercising with a recumbent bike is a smart idea. Even if you are at a more advanced level of physical fitness, adding weights and/or adjusting the recumbent seat backward will give you a great upper body workout. Sliding the seat forward and raising the legs will allow you to work your lower abs without doing painful crunches. Compared to a recumbent bike, an upright exercise bike will also give you a good cardio workout; however, an upright bike does not allow for much upper bodywork, although they are great for strengthening and toning the lower body, legs, and thighs.

There are also many different recumbent models to choose from, including manual, electronic or self-generating recumbent bikes. Manual bikes are equipped so you can choose your level of resistance. Electronic recumbent bikes come with your choice of programs and feedback functions. Self-generating bikes are exactly as the name implies: self-generating power. All of these models come with a contact heart rate monitor.

Because of the many different workout programs available for each model, your workouts will be less monotonous and more likely to keep you motivated to exercise. Since recumbent bikes are suitable for all fitness levels, everyone can find a routine that can be enjoyed on a regular basis, helping to achieve their fitness goals.

With the various models and price ranges to choose from, it is easy to find a recumbent bike that fills your fitness needs and fits your budget. Since they are safe and comfortable to use, a recumbent bike is possibly one of the best investments you can make in your health and well-being.

Other Recumbent Exercise Bike Benefits

Unlike the ordinary stationary bike, a recumbent exercise bike provides support for your lower spine to promote an ideal biking position without losing the essence of the training. This bike is also compatible with various add-ons including heart rate monitor and calorie burning calculations. In almost all aspects, it is better, safer, and more comfortable than the traditional type.

1. Relatively Safer

One of the best things about a recumbent bike is that it provides back support so that you can do your exercise in a reclined position. It basically trains you to do the exercise in an ideal position, so you can focus on exercising the muscles instead of resisting the stress on the spine. With less stress on the spine, there is also less pressure on the joints. This back support is not available in an ordinary stationary bike.

2. Useful for All Fitness Levels

A recumbent exercise bike is designed to provide a comfortable training tool for anyone regardless of fitness level. It usually has an adjustable weight resistance, allowing everyone from children to adults to use it conveniently. Since you are basically sitting comfortably while pedaling, there is very little risk of injury thus it is safer even for beginners. Also, the seat is commonly large enough that an overweight individual can use it easily as well.

3. Multitasking-friendly

While training on an ordinary stationary bike, you probably can watch TV or listen to music. On a recumbent exercise bike, you can also read newspaper or book, call or text someone, and even play games on your smartphone. Since you are sitting on a steady chair, you do not need to maintain your balance. It is easier for you to move your hands and do other activities when you are not afraid of falling over. It is multitasking-friendly.

4. Offers a Sustainable Workout

As previously mentioned, such a bike usually offers adjustable weight resistance. This option allows you to start your training regime from an easy level to the more difficult ones to improve your strength without forcing yourself too hard. Changing the weight resistance is also usually easy, and you can always refer to the manual instruction. With such a sustainable workout, your training routine will not turn into a boring activity. Even better, everyone in the family can use the bike simply by adjusting the weight.

5. Comfort

The back support increases safety because the risk of injuries due to heavy stress on the spine is greatly reduced. Unlike the traditional bike that forces you to sit in an upright position, the seat actually makes you sit in a reclined position which is safer and comfortable. You can make yourself comfortable on a recumbent exercise bike, so you can simply focus on improving muscle strength instead of worrying about lower back pain.

6. Less Stress on Knee and Hip

With a recumbent bike, the knee joint is well extended to reduce too much flexing on the hip and knee. It helps to reduce the risk of hip and knee pain, which is certainly more beneficial for people with arthritis. If people with arthritis can exercise on it comfortably, healthy people should be able to get better training experience.


In terms of safety and comfort, a recumbent exercise bike is always better than the traditional one. Nonetheless, you still need to check the available features before you make a purchase to make sure that you get what you want. You can also do a little online research to get recommendations from more experienced people.


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