Mountain Biking Safety Tips

Mountain Biking Safety Tips

There are several ways of improving the safety of mountain bikes. However, some people might argue that the only way of improving safety is by wearing a helmet. But there is another important step that most people ignore, it is riding in control. Riding in control is one of the best ways of preventing crashes, accidents. When you run out of control, you lose the chance of adjusting the speed on mountains and terrains. This often leads to serious accidents and crashes.

Mountain biking is an interesting sport and most often people like to push their limits. However, there is a very fine line between pushing your limits safely and pushing the limits recklessly. To make things easier and the ride interesting, here are some of the mountain biking safety tips.

mountain biker accident on the mountain running

Always wear a helmet while riding

The first and most important safety tip is to wear a helmet while riding mountain bikes. Simply wearing a helmet will prevent brain injuries and other life-threatening injuries. In simple words, you must do everything possible to prevent head trauma injuries while mountain biking. Above all, try to select a well fitted and a well-designed mountain biking helmet.

Mountain Biking Safety Tips

Ride in control

There is no doubt that mountain biking is a very dangerous sport that leads to fatal injuries and more. In fact, no matter how well you ride and how better you know the trail, you should never go beyond the skill level and in control. However, riding in control does not mean that you can stop easily, it means having the skill to stop and avoid potential dangers on the terrain which is another essential mountain biking skill.

Maintain proper speed

Mountain biking is a very exciting sport, but it is important to ride at a proper speed. In fact, speed is another attraction of mountain biking and when you are riding at 15 mph, you are moving about 22 feet a second and a lot of things can happen in these 22 feet. So, when you push your skill, make sure you are well aware of your riding skill and the terrain conditions.

Mountain Biking Safety Tips

Correct riding gears

Even though the helmet is an important part of mountain biking, there are some other gears that you need to wear to keep your body safe. These gears mainly depend on where you ride and your riding type. Some of the common mountain biking gears include body armors in the form of arm pads, leg, knee and elbow pads. These gears are aimed to protect the body from severe accidents and injuries. Interestingly, wearing these gears is crucial since these can draw the line between a bruise and a bone fracture.

Ride within your skill level

When it comes to choosing the trail that is beyond your skill level, never listen to your friends. No matter what your friends say, get off the trail and walk. Remember there is nothing like being ashamed when it comes to your safety. The more trail section you walk, the better will be your skill recognition. This way you will walk fewer trail sections over time.

Slow down for the blind corner

When you are mountain biking, always be aware of blind corners. There are numerous accidents that take place due to blind corners. It is better to slow down till you cross it. After all, it is known as the blind corner for a definite reason.

With that, these are some of the easy to follow mountain biking safety tips that every rider must be aware of.

Mountain Biking Safety Tips
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