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Today is a beautiful day that you have decided to start riding a bike. 

You are envious when hearing your friends talk about how good they have been, how cool that little town

they went, the magnificent forest have gone through, the adrenaline they have released down. You are going to start riding with them.

There are different aspects that you have to take into account when you decide to step forward to the world of mountain biking.

Begin to exit gently, making the short length and hardness routes. You will increase the mileage and the slope little by little.

Start in simple paths, without technical difficulty, little by little you will be taking skill and before what you imagine you will be enjoying trailers, impossible slopes, and even some jump.

Choose patient fellow travelers who are understanding that you try to follow their advice, their path. You will learn quickly.

In sum, you are choosing a suitable bicycle with the type of routes that you would like to do in the future. Now, we are going to offer you some advice about it.


When picking up your mountain bikes well, you would have to take into account different aspects related to your cycling experience as well as satisfaction. We will tell you some of them:


In the past, bikes treated as unisex iron gadgets. Nowadays, some shopkeepers continue to insist that they are equal, whether you are a girl or a boy. The bike always serves you the same.

The anatomical measures of a girl are very different from those of a boy such as the proportion of length between leg and torso (the woman has the longest leg and the shortest torso), the greater width of hips and the smaller shoulders. Next, a smaller length of arms is more than enough reason to opt for a bike of specific geometry for women if you are a girl or you will be more comfortable.

We boys have it much easier when it comes to cycling. Still, fortunately, the increasing demand for bicycles by women is making manufacturers put the batteries, and almost all major brands already have specific models of women in your catalogs.


Think about what kind of routes you would like to do if you are going to accompany your friends.

Depending on the type of routes you have to do, a kind of bicycle or another will do better.

In general:

If the idea is to make routes on which you will climb paths with a terrifying slope to descend through impossible trailers the most suitable bike is a double suspension bike and great route (at least 160mm).

One of the best options, which is to choose a multipurpose bike, with double suspension and with a distance of about 130 / 140mm that will not penalize you too much on the most rolling routes by tracks and Traced with the excellent firm. At the same time, it will leave you a right margin of fun going down trails and trailers.


It considered one of the most crucial aspects. Purchasing a suitable bike size is essential to be to enjoy it comfortably and without any physical discomfort in the future.

For a long time to calculate the correct size of the mountain bike with a reasonably simple formula used consisting of multiplying the length of our crotch by 0.21 the result was the size that corresponded to us in inches. For example, for a measurement of 82 cm of the crotch, we would have a 17 (82 × 0.21 = 17.22, which means: 17 ”, which would be).

This formula is still entirely accurate, however, with the new geometries of some bicycles with a lot of slopes, it ceases to be so precise, and new measures such as reach and stack come into play. If you are “rookie” or want to understand more about each manufacturer publishes for each bike model, the ideal advised by your professional shopkeeper.


We have nothing against these surfaces, much less. Generally, the low-end material that you can acquire is perfectly valid to move along the bike path or make small exits through green roads. On your routes, these bikes will fall short quickly. They will not offer you the necessary comfort and reliability, two determining factors for you to enjoy and end up engaging in this incredible sport of mountain bikes.

When buying your bike, it is better that you should pay a visit to a quality store because they will advise you on the type of bike that is suitable for your expectations. Moreover, you will have the security of having quality material as well as find mountain bikes of all prices, from entry ranges (always within appropriate standards and quality levels) to bikes of the highest level of famous brands. Please views Top Sellers for Mountain Bikes  

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It is all about bike, mini bike, Dirt Bikes, Electric bikes, Exercise Bikes, Folding Bikes, Hitch Bike Rack, Mountain Bikes to recomemend for everyone.

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