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One day, you are hanging out around the city or taking a long journey with your buddies, especially your partner on the bicycle. The best choice for you, in this case, is the cheaper mountain bikes. Moreover, selecting the best bikes is not only to enjoy your fantasy trips but also catch up with the most fashionable trends. Now, there are a variety of mountain bikes that are suitable for your hobbies and demand. Therefore, to gain more in-depth insight into them, we’ll show you the best mountain bikes under $500 in 2019. On the other hand, according to your user purposes, we not only put all our efforts into the highest quality product but also always supporting our client. From that, they could able to grab the outstanding one very quickly. Now, let’s find out the best bikes this year on our site Performance Bike.            

1. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike


You are in search of a perfect bike that you can comfortably ride on any surface, and we recommend that the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike. 

This bike renowned for its plump tires (with a thickness that up to four inches) which assist a cushiony ride. On the other hand, it is suitable for when you are gliding over sand, snow, dirt, and different imaginable terrains. 

Here is our bike review for you to gain a deeper understanding of it. 

First of all, the primary feature that we would like to highlight is its big and plump tires. 

The fat 26 paired with four-inch-wide tires simulated with imaginable terrains and their knobby offers you with marvellous traction and grip-ability to minimize the risk of skidding. From that, it will create your safer ride. 

Another part that we refer to you is the bike frame. It produced from high tensile steel metal and parts of aluminium. Therefore, it will support the bike the level of toughness as well as handling the terrains out there.

The aluminium parts guarantee a pretty balance between durability and comfort because they are more comfortable for riders to handle it. 

When it comes to the braking system, it possesses with a dual (front and rear) brakes. This one offers you outstanding braking capabilities. The most unusual thing about this feature is standing in various condition and ensure your safety. Last but not least, this brakes will help you take more control of your bike during your journey.  

  • Fit for all terrains condition.
  • An excellent choice for taller riders.
  • Stable braking system.
  • Convenient to set up.
  • Safety chain system.
  • It is not suitable for youth.

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2. Stowabike 26″ MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension 18 Speed Gears Mountain Bike


The Stowabike 26″ Folding Dual Suspension bike is a folding bike that stands out from the crowd. So, it would be a fabulous option if you are seeking the state of the art mountain bike. 

This model manufactured of leading quality materials from Shimano paired with a dual suspension system. It is a result of a delicate mixture of appearance as well as mechanism.

This bike also goes with 26″ suspension steel fork, steel v-brakes and other exciting characteristics. Besides, the process of folding/unfolding a bike is a bit quite convenient. As usual, it takes a rider up to 15 seconds to fold or unfold. 

Another crucial point that you need to know is this version is exceptionally compact. The size of it is 39″ x 35″ x 23.5″. It proved that it doesn’t take too much space when folded. From that, users can keep in store the bike in a car, even in the public transport area. 

Finally, it is a product among the best mountain bikes under $500 which you should purchase in the future.

  • It is pretty more economical.
  • Users can fold it any time due to its movability.
  • The shock absorption operates effectively.
  • Riders can find it difficult to read the manual instruction before using it.

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3. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike with Aluminum Frame, 26-Inch Wheels, Red


The next version that we bring to you is the Schwinn Protocol Mountain bike. It is a dual-suspension one that created for most men. Now, we will present you the detailed review of this one.

When it comes to the frame size, it designed with a dual-suspension aluminium alloy and a steel rear frame. The dual-suspension frame is a unique function that creates a smooth ride. The SR Suntour front suspension fork absorbs shock during your excursion under mountainous terrain.

The brake system is the next component that plays a vital role in your usage. This product possesses Pro Max Front Mechanical Disc Brakes, paired with linear-pull rear brakes. When combined, the brake system grants riders effective control. Therefore, it is beneficial for us when assisting riders to keep far away from potholes, rocks, trees. The braking system is quite helpful for both stoppings on rough or smooth surfaces.

Let’s move on to the shifter, this bike well-finished with 24-speed shifters, which alter the speed for riders to shift when travelling from uphill to downhill. Moreover, the second Shimano EF-50 trigger shifters that allow for smooth shifting with the touch of a finger.

  • Dual-suspension assists for a smooth as well as controllable ride.
  • The brakes operate well and ensure riders to be safe.
  • The suspension fork absorbs shock during your excursion.
  • The seat is a bit inconvenient when travelling down rough.

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4. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive

Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive

Diamondback has gained a reputation for best mountain bikes under $500 brands on the market at this time. If you are going to grab this bike, we will help you in this case.

Let’s come closer to the benefits and characteristics of this bike.

Firstly, we mention a Durable & Lightweight Frame — this version produced from 6061-T6 aluminium alloy, which holds up to the roughest riding conditions. Besides, the aluminium alloy makes it lightweight and comfortable for customers.

Secondly, we want to highlight the Hydraulic Brakes. The Diamondback offered it hydraulic disc brakes from Tektro Auriga series. On the other hand, it is quite useful for those who need to stop power under severe riding conditions and surfaces.

Thirdly, Rugged Wheels is also a special one of this model.

This bicycle MTB from Diamondback refers to you with rugged and large wheels to support you to move through both the smooth and terrains with ease. We believe that there are no obstacles, pebbles on your way with these wheels.

  • The product has different sizes.
  • This bike supported with a smooth-shifting.
  • Easy to set up.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • Gear on the plastic pedals needs to be improved.

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5. Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike, 26-Inch


Another version that we would like to introduce to you is Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike. It is a kind of bike for both amateur and professional bike riders.

This KZ2600 manufactured from an aluminium alloy frame and put in the middle in terms of weight. The unique feature of this one is the resistance of water. 

When it comes to the suspension system, it takes the most advantage of a 65-millimetre suspension coil fork which is perfect for rough terrain. Next, the main downside of fork proved that it tends to push power when pedalling. 

Another essential component that we should focus on is the braking system. We recognized that this mountain bike has excellent stopping power and operate very effectively on pavement and rough terrain. However, users probably face some difficulties with using this kind of braking system at first.

  • It is waterproof.
  • This bike can operate well under terrain conditions.
  • The model designed with a delicate combination of stylish characteristics to attract more consumers to grab it.
  • The excellent braking system on the front can stop on the wet weather and muddy ground.
  • The flat tire replaced since the tubes couldn’t hold air for a long time.

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Would you like to experience the mountains, trails, and natural roads on the back of your mountain bike? 

Thanks to the wide assortment of mountain bikes on the market, you will have no problem recognizing the model that best suits your needs. The evolution that bicycles have undergone in recent years has led to the choice of a specific model to become an odyssey. How to know if the bike is right for me? What aspects taken into account? 

Next, we propose a series of recommendations for you to choose the best mountain bike.

– There are a variety of sizes.

– Cameraless wheel systems offer better performance than camera tires.

– The convenience of these mountain bikes can support disc brakes.

– Choose a double suspension bike, which is easier for you to go down slopes and more adverse terrain. 

Before purchasing a bicycle, you must take into account several key aspects that allow you to succeed in your decision since a wrong choice could have an impact on your experience. We recommend that you should know those technical characteristics and key specifications before making a decision that fits what you need. 

Mountain bike size

You must choose the right model according to your size and measurements.

You must choose the bike that best suits the body, especially as regards the handlebars and the saddle. It makes you feel comfortable and allow you to adopt different positions.

Many cyclists believe that the size of the bicycle depends on height. However, the height can provide us with an orientation of the size that suits you.

Do you know how to choose your size? Most importantly, to select the size of the bike, you should know what your hip height is. That value multiplied by 0.54 would coincide with the length of the vertical tube of the frame. As it is in inches, we must multiply it in turn by 0.21. This value is the numerical size that you should choose for your mountain bike.


The frame is a fundamental component of the bicycle structure. The materials used in its construction have the primary objective of providing security, stability, and comfort. Steel, chrome, scandium, titanium, carbon fiber, or aluminum are some of them.

Steel frames are comfortable and affordable but require considerable energy. They are very resistant and durable, and if it is good, it can last a lifetime. Besides, they absorb better the vibrations transmitted by the land, especially in paths and forest tracks, and give greater comfort to the bicycle.

Those of aluminum are lighter than those of steel and allow better manipulation of the bicycle, but they are also more rigid. The titanium ones are even lighter, stronger and are the best for mountain bikes. The main disadvantage is its high cost.

Frame geometry

In the case of beginners, it is convenient to choose a model that provides a comfortable geometry and of higher weight than the most professional bicycles. If you are an expert, as you know, we recommend lighter bikes with much more modern materials.

The geometric shape of the bicycle frame gives one model or another, different characteristics. In this sense, you should take into account that many measures configure the geometry of the bicycle frame. The steering angle, the wheelbase, the length of the pods, the saddle tube, or the height of the bottom bracket are some of them.


The brake system is one of the fundamental aspects to consider before buying any mountain bike. There are three kinds of mountain bike brakes such as

The V-brake brakes, the mechanical disc brakes, and hydraulic disc brakes. Currently, most MTBs have disc brakes, mechanical or hydraulic, since they are undoubtedly the most effective, especially in descents.

In this way, the V-brake brakes have become quite obsolete, and you can only find them on the bikes of lower ranges. These have lower braking power, and in high humidity conditions, they do not offer excellent performance.

In this sense, mechanical disc brakes brake better. But the most advanced and safe, without a doubt, are hydraulic disc brakes.

Wheel size

In the past, all-mountain bikes had the same size wheels. At present, the thing has changed, and there are bicycles with wheels of different diameters, more or less suitable, depending on the specialty of Mountain Bike that practiced. In this regard, there are five available wheel sizes: 26”, 27.5”, 29”, 27.5+, and 29+.

The most widespread conventional wheels in Spain, are those that have 26 inches. They have a standard size to be able to make descents, jumps, or freeride. They have a faster reaction and maneuver capacity.

On the other hand, there are 29-inch wheels, ideal for trail and XC. Larger wheels are more manageable on rocky terrain. These wheels, unlike the 26-inch ones, have worse maneuverability, and a slower and more complicated reaction.

The performance of the 27.5-inch wheels, in a typical situation, is “halfway” between those of 26 and 29 inches.

The last two measures, relatively young, are 27.5+ and 29+. The 27.5+, by their characteristics, fit perfectly with the enduro — those of size 29+ aimed at a particular audience.


Another of the key elements to consider when choosing a mountain bike is the suspension. The suspension includes a set of mechanisms that serve to dampen impacts, both the cyclist and the bicycle. If mountain bikes did not have suspension systems, the chances of suffering an injury would increase considerably.

At present, there are many systems and types of rear shock absorbers and front forks. The rear shocks on mountain bikes are a generally double or double suspension.

The mountain bike dual suspension help improves comfort. The vibrations that occur when we move through irregular terrain also transmitted to the cyclist. If you have a habit of making long-term routes, as soon as you have been riding the bike for a few hours, even the smallest irregularity will bother you.

That is why an excellent rear suspension makes riding a mountain bike much more comfortable. If you plan to make long routes along forest trails or tracks, we recommend that you buy a double suspension mountain bike.

Mountain bikes with double suspension provide more excellent stability and, consequently, higher performance in descents and rough terrain.


Any mountain bike must offer you robustness, entirely supporting your weight and guaranteeing the highest stability against the different tensions that occur in the different routes, however complex they may be.

Mountain bike accessories

Apart from the bike itself, you should consider a series of accessories that you might need. Roller for mountain bike shoes and mountain bike, mountain bike basket, and GPS for mountain biking, among others. Wondering which is the best GPS for mountain biking? You can find out in this article.

We also take the opportunity to list some of the parts of a mountain bike. You have the mountain bike wheels, the chain, the chassis, the saddle, the seat post, the change for the mountain bike, the steering, the brakes, the handlebars, the fork, the plate, the pedals, the bike axles mountain, etc.

Price range

Mountain bikes move in a vast range of prices. For this guide, we have selected the ones that have better value for money, but there are many more professional ones. The problem is that the budget soars.

The brands of mountain bikes also greatly influence the price. Apart from the ones mentioned above, we must say the Giant mountain bike, the Scott mountain bike, and the Conor mountain bikes.

Mountain bikes: Offers

What you can do when you are interested in a specific model is to wait for an offer. You can track cheap mountain bikes online and buy when you have reached the desired price. The sale of mountain bikes moves a lot, and depending on supply and demand, the price varies. So you will get cheap and good mountain bikes.

Urban bicycle and mountain bike

Doubts between buying a mountain bike and an urban one? The main difference is that the first one is designed to go through places that not paved. Disc brakes and quality shock absorbers recommended. Instead, the urban one allows you to adopt a more comfortable posture. The brakes, better shoes. The wheels of these are also different, without studs.


It would be a little overwhelming to decide between all the mountain bikes on the market. Fortunately, the overall quality of bikes has drastically innovated from the last decade. Even the cheapest mountain ones are generally more durable than the bikes of the early 2000’s – while being several pounds lighter. If you’re having trouble deciding, go with your gut based on the most critical function for you or based on the look.

Finally, we hope that riders could grab a favorite mountain bike and experience a period of the beautiful moment during their excursion.   

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