Motorized Bike 2020

Motorized Bike 2020

Motorized Bikes – The What and The Why

What are the motorized bikes?

A motorized bike is also called a power-assisted bicycle, moped, electric bicycle, electric bike, ebike, etc. It is a bicycle with an attached electric motor, a battery, and a controller to switch on the power assistance. It looks much like a standard bicycle and is meant to assist with pedaling when needed or eliminate pedaling altogether. A motorized bike is not to be confused with a motorcycle. It is not made to travel at high speeds and usually tops out at about 20 mph (32 km/h).

Motorized bikes are available to buy with a variety of options. Options include frame sizes, riding styles, speeds, motor attachment, a controller choice, colors, etc. You can either buy a manufactured electric bike or buy electric bike motor kits to convert your standard bike into a power-assisted bike.

What purposes would purchasing a motorbike bicycle serve?

The possibilities for using a motorized bicycle range from everyday practical use to uses that extend far beyond the average rider would imagine, such as extensive rough terrain riding.  Of course, many consumers are getting on board to contribute to creating a cleaner environment, whereas others are gearing up for huge savings on fuel costs and parking costs, easier commuting in metro areas, and for the benefits of being able to maneuver their way around crowded streets and traffic jams.  Another group of people that are benefitting from bicycles with motors is seniors that have lost the ability to ride a manual bike for long periods.  On the other hand, with a motorized bicycle, our older citizens are finding it enjoyable to get on a bicycle again and take part in a favorite American pastime.

Why would you buy a motorized bike?

There are many reasons:

– They are good for quick trips or for commuting to work in urban areas since you don’t have to wait in traffic, and you could even get to your destination faster than in your car.

– They are more or less green since most of them are zero-emission vehicles, especially the four-stroke or newer 2 stroke motor designs.

– They are great for those with arthritis, knee, or cardiac issues since they require less exertion.

– They are less costly than motorcycles, scooters, and cars and they don’t require registration, taxes, parking fees, gas charges, etc.

– They are easier in a group setting for older people to keep pace with the younger ones.

– You can choose to use the power to assist or not depending on the day and the route.

– You don’t need to change outfits when you reach your destination if you are using it as a commute vehicle, which may not be the case with a standard bicycle.

– It provides exercise when needed. Instead of using the workout bike at the gym, you can use your motorized bike by adjusting the power assistance controller to the level you like. And you can enjoy the scenery and breathe in the fresh air while you exercise.

– It’s fun to play with the controller and choose the level of assistance you want. And since they look just like a standard bike at a casual glance, your speed and ease of riding can be your little secret.

Motorized bikes have become so popular that there are now electric bike competitions!

Motorized Bike – The 3 Main Components

Motorized bikes can sound confusing. Most people will either think about a regular motorcycle or a speed bike, none of this is true. Motorized bikes are just regular bikes with pedals and few speeds with the addition of three things:

– Electric bicycle motor
– Controller
– Battery

To put it simply motorized bikes are in fact electric bicycles. Normal bikes that you can turn to run on a battery charge without turning your pedals.

So motorized bikes are in fact just your regular everyday bikes that have a few electric components, they can go like a regular bike with you pedaling, but at the same time, you can switch to the electric mode and run with you just sitting and steering. Such a bike is not a high-speed bicycle, it is just a way to give the user time to rest and gather more energy to continue his ride. It is not meant for riding at high speeds, nor is it capable of doing that, this is just a clean energy bicycle you can easily charge and have some rest while still moving towards your destination. So let’s see the three main parts that make up motorized bikes.

The first and most important part is the electric motor. There are two types, the external motor which is mounted on the side of the bicycle, and connected to the rear wheel and there is the internal motor. The second one is more common. Motors come in various power ranges, usually between 200W and 700W, depending on your need for the use of electric power of your bike you might want to choose a bike with more or less electric power.

The second part is the battery of your motorized bike. There are three types of batteries used by electric bikes:

– Nickel metal hydride
– Lead-acid
– Lithium-ion

The best type of batteries and the recommended one are Lithium-Ion batteries. But for some, you can choose the battery type, and there are some that can only work on one of these.

The last part is the controller. The controller is the part that allows you to operate the electric functions of your bike. There are two types of controllers you can use, the pedal activated ones and throttle based controllers. The first type is activated when you pedal, and it is the type that will preserve your battery longer. The throttled based is like any regular motorcycle, it activates when you press a button or pull the throttle. On both types, you can manually adjust the level of assistance and power.

There are several types of motorized bikes to choose from going from folding electric bikes to electric pocket bike and electric minibike. Each one of them is better suited for something, the bottom line is that they are easy to use and maintain. You can use them to commute or for your leisure, it is all up to you. They are great assets to our environment which is one of the biggest reasons why more and more people are opting for this type of transportation.

What is a motor bicycle motorized bike?

A motor bicycle or motorized bike is steadily growing in popularity in the United States, particularly among those with the green agenda in mind, those who live in urban or metro areas, and those that can identify a specific purpose for this innovative creation.  A motor bicycle is motorized by combining the basic components of a street-legal motorcycle with those of a traditional, human-powered bicycle with pedals.  The designs can range from very basic to a bit more intricate, depending upon the consumer and the reasons for purchasing the motor bicycle also called a  motorized bike.  However, most of these bikes are made with the beginning rider in mind and take into consideration those that might tend to be a little set in their ways as far as how it has always been when riding a bike.  Either way, this new green movement is quickly saturating our daily way of life, and thus purchasing a motor bicycle that is motorized is becoming just one simple and economical step in taking personal responsibility for contributing to a cleaner environment.

How is a motor bicycle motorized?

A motor bicycle is motorized by following the basic guidelines, which come in a variety of forms and styles.  Many of them are designed right from the start with the idea that they will include a motor as part of the complete apparatus.  These originally designed motorized bikes are more often than not used for those with a specific task in mind.  For example, people that live in a city atmosphere with lots of crowded streets and avenues to travel through tend to flock to these bicycles because they allow them to quickly navigate in and out without worrying about congestion and traffic jams.  This type of motor bicycle is motorized directly from the manufacturer and will only rely on the pedals as a secondary mode of operation.

Another type of motor bicycle motorized bike is constructed as a transformation to a preexisting bicycle with pedals. This motor bicycle is made automatically by using the original frame from an ordinary manual pedal-powered bike and adding a motor from an electric bicycle kit.  One of these kits can easily be purchased by the rider and can easily be assembled by either the consumer or a professional.  Although this is just one way an electric bicycle is created, it is also the most popular because it allows people that already have a regular bike to convert it to a motor bicycle motorized bike without purchasing an entirely new bike.

Why would someone be interested in purchasing one of these bicycles?

There are numerous reasons for purchasing an electric bicycle.  In fact, pinpointing them all would be an impossible task because the uses for these bicycles are so personally individualized to each rider, especially depending upon the region of the country the consumer is in.  Urban riders tend to use them for more practical day to day living and economic reasons, whereas those that live in a more rural setting use them more for occasional riding or recreational use.  The possibilities are endless.

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