The MMO genre of games has been around for more than a decade. Since Blizzard officially launched the world of Warcraft in late 2004, gamers have quickly come to realize that the conventional mouse was no longer sufficient to meet all the fast skill action needs essential to winning a battle in an MMO. Over the years, we have seen many mice that claim to be the accurate MMO mouse based on the number of buttons on the mouse.

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse


However, what many often forget is that the total number of buttons on the mouse are not the only essential requirement of an MMO mouse, but that the accessibility to the buttons is similarly as crucial. Logitech’s G600 offers 20 programmable buttons, and it is by far one of the most, which I have seen on a mouse. But does it have the potential to be crowned a right MMO mouse? Find out more in this Logitech G600 review.

Build Quality

Logitech never fails to disappoint when it comes to building quality. The mouse itself is solid, and the buttons do not feel at all like cheap plastic. In any MMO gaming mice, the pins that are programmed to represent the acting skills are the most important as whether or not you win a battle depends on how fast you can access the buttons. In my opinion, the actuation force required on the buttons is well-balanced as just enough energy was needed to enable my clicks to be registered. Clicking the buttons with too little energy will not register as actual clicks, which is vital to prevent misclicks.

Additionally, the reaction time on the G600 is relatively quick. The buttons are also well placed and carefully spaced between which aids in preventing unintentional clicks. I must commend Logitech for the design of the G600, which looks simple yet elegant. The mouse comes in two colors, white and black though all the buttons on the G600 are black, whether or not you choose the white or black surface.

Performance Specifications

As an MMO gaming mouse, Logitech’s main selling point is the absurd number of programmable buttons placed on the G600. 20 to be exact, 12 of which are located near the thumb for natural action skill selection. At the center-right of the mouse’s surface is a button called the G-Shift button. It is this G-Shift button, which sets the G600 apart from its competitors. When the G-shift button is clicked, it immediately changes the set of skills set on all the 12 buttons on the thumb panel (and or the other buttons depending on how you program them).

With the G-shift button, you will necessarily have 24 pins on the thumb panel at your disposal, which translates to 24 action skills at any one time! This is a very beneficial feature for any MMO gamer. The G-shift button can also be customized for other functions, for instance, as an instant DPI changer though it is unlikely that you’ll be utilizing this in an MMO battle.

The laser sensor on the G600 is also excellent, which tracks up to a maximum of 8200 dpi. Due to its incredibly high DPI, I often use the G600 for FPS gaming, as well. So far, I’ve not felt any execution lags, which is excellent. As the G600 utilizes a laser sensor instead of an optical one, I did not find any problems using it on any surface, including my wooden table.

For those who often carry their mouse out of the house with them, the G600 comes with an onboard memory that can store up to three game profiles.

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, RGB Backlit, 20 Programmable Buttons

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Illumination is not a priority for Logitech, as you will only find RGB lights illuminating from the buttons of the thumb panel. The views are, however, fully customizable to any color you want, or as Logitech puts it, “with over 16 million possible color combinations”. The RGB colored lights can be set to pulse on and off or be configured to change color continuously or according to the profile being used.


Logitech has designed the G600 with comfort in mind. I didn’t experience much fatigue or any pain attributable to long hours of use (over 8 hours). The surface of the mouse is smaller compared to Logitech’s G500 and is more suited to those with little to medium-sized hands. I have been using the G600 even for work now, and it performs rather well. The high DPI on the G600 provides me with the ability to scroll through pages of documents quickly. The only flaw I can find in the design of this all-rounder is that it is not-ambidextrous. This mouse is not suitable for left-handers. Left-handers will see it virtually impossible to use the 12 side buttons, which is meant for the thumb and not the pinky finger. It would be good if Logitech could offer a different version of the G600 for left-handers, whereby the thumb panel is located on the right side of the mouse instead. I believe Razor provides this option for some of its mice.


The G600 at $79.99 is in the same price range as most of the MMO gaming mice, such as the Razer Naga or Sports Games such as Mountain Bikes. Performance-wise, it does not fall far from its competitors and would have been my top choice for an MMO mouse if not for the beautiful illumination that can mostly be found on Razer products. The G600 is comfortable to use, and all the buttons are carefully placed, significantly reducing misclicks. Further, the DPI offered by this mouse is fantastic at 8200 DPI, which makes it a serious contender for even FPS orientated gaming mice. With all the features of the G600, it makes it hard for me not to recommend it to anyone looking for an excellent MMO mouse.

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