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What is an electric bicycle used?

Many of you will wonder what an electric bicycle is for and what its use is recommended. Therefore, we would like to introduce to you our site Performance Bicycle. On the other hand, this site will help you gain an understanding more about different lines of bikes on the market, especially the best electric bike under $1000.

There are mainly three types of use:

  • Sports use – for those who frequently climb the mountain and want to lengthen their route or do some climbs with some essential slopes.
  • Alternative transportation – many people use bicycles every day to move around the city or urban environments; they need assistance from the engine not to get too sweaty or tired places.
  • For occasional mountain routes – those people who do not use the bicycle frequently and need to accompany their friends at a specific time, make a route and are not physically prepared for it.

How to use an electric bike?

To know how to ride an electric bike, you don’t have to do a master’s degree or any race; it’s as simple as riding the bike and start pedaling. The main difference between electric bikes to conventional bicycles is the electric motor. It is not an electric motor that will prevent us from pedaling; it is a pedaling assistance motor. It has different levels of assistance with which you can always control the power that the engine will deliver to you.

How does the motor of an electric bicycle work?

The most common way to operate an electric bicycle is through the sensor found on the pedals. It detects the rotation of the pedals and activates the motor so that the rear wheel starts to rotate with the force of the electric battery. Once it reaches 25Km/h, the engine is deactivated. Also, if the cyclist presses the brake, the engine is automatically deactivated.

Electric bikes have lithium batteries that provide a range of 25 to 70 kilometers, depending on the bike and the model. The cells have a lifespan of around two years. They are bicycles prepared to use every day, either for walks or a form of transport.

How is the maintenance of an electric bicycle done?

The maintenance of the electric bicycle is precisely the same as in the conventional bike. You have to take special care in two things when washing it and being out of use for a while. How to clean the used bikes?

When washing it, do not use pressurized water and not aim directly at the displays, the battery, the electronics, or the motor. Given your choice, it better be with a hose that is not under pressure. When washing, all bicycle components must keep in place, and all connectors plugged with the corresponding covers.

With a good roll of paper towels, we will dry the different parts of the bicycle without forgetting the tires, the rim bars, brakes, and the chain. The mechanical components of the chain, sprocket and gearbox transmission must be dehydrated to prevent oxidation. Subsequently, we grease all the parts of the transmission so that no rust comes out throughout its useful life.

electric bike

Battery maintenance

When you return from the route, it is very vital to charge the battery, do not wait to charge it before using it again. Keep in mind that if we are going to stop using the bicycle or the battery for a period of two or three months, we must leave the battery at half load disconnected from the bike to keep the battery in good condition.

It is crucial to consider the screws of the bottle cage. If you need to change them, you have to know the electric bicycle’s battery is inside the frame.

What price do electric bicycles have?

We have to differentiate two basic levels of electric bike’s cost. The first level is the engine in the hub either in the front wheel or in the rear wheel. In this range of bikes, you can find prices of around $1000 -$1500. When we talk about motors, they are of good quality. These usually cost between $2000- $2500 and depending on your use.

What electric bike to buy?

One of the fundamental elements when deciding which electric bike to buy is what type of motor the bike has. There are different manufacturers, such as Bosch, Yamaha, Panasonic. With the different electric bike brands, various models and powers are depending on customer purposes.

What advantages does an electric bicycle have?

Apart from its primary function, it noted that the electric bicycle could save on daily trips such as going to work or school. The consumption of the bike is much lower than that of a moped. We are using a bicycle as transportation is a great solution. We improve our health and fitness as well as contributing to a world with less pollution. Everything is advantages!

What does the law on the electric bicycle say?

The law currently catalogs electric bicycles to those bicycles that meet the following requirements:

  • The engine starts running only when the cyclist pedals.
  • They may have an accelerator, but this cannot be operational when it is not pedaled.
  • The engine does not exceed 25 km / h.
  • Arriving at that speed disconnects assistance.
  • Everything that exceeds these characteristics is considered an electric moped and therefore needs a driving license.

What is the real autonomy of an electric bicycle?

The autonomy varies greatly depending on three fundamental aspects: pilot weight, type of route, and level of assistance. As usual, urban routes when we move around the city and the routes greatly extended. You can make routes of 60 km or 80 km or even more kilometers. When the user is sporty, the level of assistance chosen varies significantly. The more support you select, the less autonomy you have. Based on these hypotheses, the regular route that is done in sports use on the mountain can range between 30, 50, or 80 km.

How to charge the electric bicycle battery?

Charging the electric bike battery is like charging your mobile, which depended on the type of connector you have, it has different pins that carry current. If a bad connection is made, the battery, the charger, or even the connector is burned. To avoid it, we must first connect the charger to the battery of the bicycle and then connect the charger to the mains. The same process, but conversely, we must do it when disconnecting the charger.

How to improve the autonomy of the electric bike?

The battery of an electric bicycle never discharged. If we do not, and we are not using it for a season, that security charge will be lost, and the battery can enter a state of “deep discharge.” It means that having no cost, one of its cells changes polarity and causes the battery to enter a kind of coma and no longer work.

Another piece of advice that we can send to you is to play with the different levels of assistance, but we cannot forget to change gears. We must change just like in a conventional bike. For example, start with a very long development by not changing gears. It will drain more battery and make the engine run forced.

We must keep the right cadence all the time and change gears regularly.

What do I have to know before buying an electric bicycle?

If you are looking for the best quality/price of the bike when buying one of the electric bicycles at the bicycle shop, you must take into account the specifications.

– Engine. The electric bicycle has an engine of approximately 25 kilograms, and its power should not exceed 250W.

– Battery. It is recommended that the battery be lithium-ion, as they are more environmentally friendly and have better quality/price when you need a replacement.

– Speed. Its maximum speed should never exceed 25 km / h.

– Brakes. It must have at least front and rear brakes, front light, and rear reflector.

– Weight. The bicycle cannot weigh more than 40 kilos of weight.

– Design. Ideally, it is an ergonomic design that helps you feel completely comfortable on the walks.

Modality. Choose a model that adapts perfectly to the type of terrain you are going to use (mountain or city).

 – Operation. The engine must only be activated while pedaling and must be stopped when the cyclist stops pedaling or when the brake is applied.

 – Authorizing for use. Make sure that the chosen bike is authorized for distribution by the Ministry of Industry, and thus avoid future problems.

Electric bikes
Electric bikes

Types of electric bicycles

There are two types of electric bikes:

Electric Pedaling Bicycles This type of best bicycle must have a maximum power of 250W and never exceed the speed of 25 km/h. Activating the motor and run the electric mode, it is necessary to move the pedals.

Electric mopeds. The difference between this type and an electric bicycle is that it is not necessary to pedal for the electric model to work. Still, it works like any motorcycle with an accelerator. You also have to keep in mind to use this type of electric moped, a license, and insurance (like any other vehicle). 

Depending on your use, you can opt for the urban or mountain. In case you want to use it for both types of terrain, you must take the hill since the electric city bike is not designed or designed to go through the mountain terrain.

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Parts of an electric bike

It never hurts to be appropriately informed about the product you are going to buy, and that is why we detail the main components of an electric bicycle so that you can take them into account at a bike store.

Electric Bicycle Batteries

Th The battery is the most crucial element of any electric bicycle since it supplies the energy necessary for the engine to develop its full power. There are currently several types of Electric Bicycle Batteries on the market; however, we recommend lithium-ion batteries. To charge the battery, you have to connect it to the power using a conventional plug, just as if we were charging a mobile phone.

Central frame

Depending on the materials, there are different types of frames:

6061 aluminum alloy frames – It is a magnesium and silicon alloy. Recommended use for the city.

7005 aluminum alloy frames – These frames have a zinc alloy. Recommended use for Road and City.

Steel frames – Super resistant. Recommended use for Mountain, Road, and City.


You have to know that the electric bike chosen must not exceed the speed of 25 km/h. If it exceeds 25 km/h, it is considered a moped, and you would need insurance and a license. It noted that illegally, you could limit the bicycle, but that depends on each one.


One of the essential features of electric bicycles is the battery and the motor. Perhaps the most important thing to look at would be autonomy and how many kilometers you can make with a full battery charge.

There are some “tricks” to optimize the autonomy of an electric bicycle. You are pedaling at the start of the march after a stop, reducing speed, or maintaining tire pressure.

Electric bike weight

A standard electric bicycle must have an approximate weight of 20 kilos. If the weight is higher, pay attention to autonomy.

Motor – one of the most important part be

The motor of electric bicycles is very simple. It is installed on the axle of the rear wheel of the bike. Its power is between 180 and 250 watts, but it should never exceed the nominal power of 250W. Otherwise, it would be considered a moped. Our recommendation is 250W.

We have two types of electric motors:

Brushed motors: They are heavier and noisier even though cheaper.

Brushless DC motors: They are lighter, smaller, and quieter, although more expensive but also more durable.

Bicycle safety

For any vehicle, it is crucial to protect yourself. When we go by bicycle, we have to protect the head as a priority and the hands as a secondary. To protect your head, you can find many types of Bicycle Helmets. As a general rule, those with a higher price have better resistance to shocks and their weight is very low.

On the other hand, we need to get our hand protection. There are perfect bicycle gloves for adhesion to the handlebars of the bicycle (in case you like to go to the mountain a lot), and that allows you to ventilate your hand.

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