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Yakima Hold Up Tray Style Bike Rack Review 2020

This meaty stage style hitch rack with tightening hooks and turning wheel supports holds bicycles of all designs. Customizable bicycle plate streamlines handlebar freedom. Tilting rack has fabricated in-line locks and a hitch lock to guarantee complete security.

This bicycle rack is to a great degree simple to load even with bikes that have vast wheels due to its profound support holding the set up and plastic straps to be secured off the beaten path while you’re stacking your bicycle. The delicate cushioned tightening hooks on the upright arms of the bicycle rack hold the bike at the wheels so that there’s no contact with the edge and the level posts in which the device rests on slide forward and backward to permit you to stack any size bicycle. To assemble the Hold Up onto your vehicle, just slide the shank of the rack into the opening of the hitch recipient and supplement the locking against clatter bolt into the hitch pin gap.

Yakima Hold Up Tray Style Bike Rack Review by Performance Cyclery Shop

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Understanding the Basic Use Of The Yakima Hold Up Tray Style Bike Rack

You can now secure the bicycle rack to the vehicle by utilizing the included wrench to fix it in the bolt. The hitch that is furnished with your vehicle does keep you from utilizing the included torque. All you have to do is use a tightening attachment. You can now supplant the lock on the other side to oppose theft. The flexible outline of the Yakima Hold up will fit most bicycles irrespective of their size, weight, edge plan, suspension or brake style.

The profound molded front wheel supports are intended to fit pretty much any wheel size and the back wheel supports turn to permit you to convey littler bicycles. The wheel straps can even be held with the goal that they are not in your way when you are attempting to load up a bicycle. The wheel straps likewise ratchet to further secure your vehicle to the bicycle rack.

The rotating arms are made with solid arm innovation to guarantee that your bicycles are held immovably set up and the pad tightening hooks hold the bicycle at the wheels rather than the casings. You can stay away from harm to your bicycle outline. The level bolsters post can be balanced by extricating the Allen bolts and will slide forward and backward on the base to streamline handlebar leeway and decrease the possibility of the bicycle to bicycle contact.

The spring stacked pin at the base of the rack gives you a chance to tilt the rack down for less demanding bicycle stacking and getting to your backload zone. Presently, depending on the bicycle-style and lid entryway size, you may have the capacity to get to the payload region with the bike stacked. With this specific vehicle and bicycle mix, you are not able to increase full access to your freight range with the bicycle stacked.

Yakima Hold Up Tray Style Bike Rack Review by Performance Cyclery Shop

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Yakima Products Hold Up Tray Style Bike Rack Features

  • There is handy metal bottle opener designed into the rack base of the product
  • The product comes with solid steel construction that carries a glossy black powder coat finish design. This is also rust-resistant
  • Users will discover a safety kit with two red LED lights and flag when purchasing the product
  • There is also Hitchcock threaded hitch pin in the package of the product. It comes with SKS core locks rack
  • The product unleashes hitch-mounted feature that carries up to four bikes

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Yakima Hold Up Tray Style Bike Rack

Advantage Of Using The Product:

  • The product is easy to use and user-friendly
  • It is easy to load in a time of need
  • It is heavy and weighs about 60lbs
  • The inbuilt hitch and cable bike locks are a great added feature

Disadvantage Of Using The Product:

  • When the rack is folded up, it is just an annoyance
Yakima Hold Up Tray Style Bike Rack Review by Performance Cyclery Shop

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Truly, Yakima products hold up tray-style bike rack works effectively. Yakima products hold up tray-style bike rack comes with great features that you can always rely on. It is simple to load and can effectively provide you the required results.

Even if you do not know how to use the product, simply follow the instructions provided. You will understand how to operate the product without any problem. It is also a good idea to watch how the product works before continuing to use it. You can give it a try now.

Yakima Hold Up Tray Style Bike Rack Review by Performance Cyclery Shop

Shop now at Amazon.com

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