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Thule Vertex Hitch Rack Review in 2020 – Must read

A bicycle rack is what you have been missing if you have found it difficult to transport your bicycle. This piece of equipment makes transporting your bicycle easier and trendy. The Thule Vertex Hitch Rack is the equipment that you have been the mission. The hitch rank is a genius invention that solves a problem that has been with a cyclist for a long time. Some people have avoided cycling because they do not know how to get their bicycles to the cycling site. With Thule Vertex Hitch Rack the trouble is solved. This article takes you through a review of Thule Vertex Hitch Rack. It is the article that you should read before making the decision to buy any rack for your bicycle.

Thule Vertex XT Hitch Mount Bike Carrier

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The Thule Vertex Hitch Rack Review

The Thule Vertex Hitch Rack comes in three different forms depending on the number of bikes that can be carried by the rack. There is the two-bike rack, the four-bike rack, and the five-bike rack. The design and strength of the rack vary with the number of bikes that it is designed to carry. The price also varies with the rack that carries more bikes costing more.

The rack has a 2” hitch receiver and extended support for the bikes. It is designed to firmly hold five bikes without any dangly movement. The rack can support the bikes even in terrains that are rough. The rack also offers security to the bike. The bike cannot be removed from the car.

Thule Vertex Hitch Rack Review By Performance Cyclery

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Advantages of Thule Vertex 5 Bike Hitch Rack

The Thule Vertex 5 Bike Hitch Rack comes with an improved hitch switch fold arms. The arms fold down when they are not in use. The arms also tilt an unloaded carrier away from the vehicle when it is not in use. This way, the rack does not become a nuisance when not in use.

The rack is designed for easier loading. It comes with an arched mast and bike arm design that makes loading and carrying easier. The increased mast height enables a raised ground clearance of the bike when carried.

The rack has a cushion for the bike. Your bikes do not get scratches and are more secure from the cushion.

This rack has an improved bike to bike and bike to vehicle contact. It has reinforced cradle straps. Its straps are much stronger than other ordinary racks straps. The installed anti-sway cages enhance the support that you get from the bikes.

Disadvantages of Thule Vertex 5 Bike Hitch Rack

Customers have complained that the rack does not fit on Jeep Wranglers JK Models and the door of this vehicle cannot open when the hitch rack is installed.

Thule Vertex Hitch Rack Review By Performance Cyclery

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Brief history and special characteristics of the hitch rack 

The Thulin family who was true lovers of outdoor activities formed Thule in 1942. The brand designed a pike strap that informed the name of the company. The company expanded its portfolio to more practical items. In the 1960s, the company specialized in car-related products with their main product being the car roof rack. Thule was then publicly listed in 1971 and it started growing to target the international market.


The Thule Vertex 5 Bike Hitch Rack is a strong brand of renewed company Thule which is based in Sweden. The rack is made of reinforced cradle straps that are designed such that they are 25% stronger than T3 straps.


If you need to attach heavy items to your car, you need a firm stand, one that can hold the items together, and equipment that has clearance above the ground. That is what Thule offers in its product. It is not just functional but also has an aesthetic appeal.


There are many benefits that come with the rack. You are guaranteed security and safety for both your bicycle and vehicle. The rack employs strong materials that hold the bikes firmly. In addition, you get convenience. All your five bikes can be held by one rack.


You will pay a decent amount of money that is worth the value you get for this product.


A bike rack is something that you buy once and it lasts you a long time. You have no room for correcting a mistake made so if you buy a piece of equipment that is substandard then you will live with your mistake for a long time or you will meet the cost of making a wrong decision by buying another one.

Thule Vertex Hitch Rack Review By Performance Cyclery

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