The Thule Freeride 532

Thule Freeride 532 Reviews

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Thule Freeride 532 – Simple and Basic Bike Carrier

Those who are on a shoestring budget may find the Thule Freeride 532 bike carrier a good solution to their bike hauling requirements! This simple and elegant product promises to serve as a basic bike carrier for several years to come. One of the first things you are going to notice about this carrier is its design. The product will help in complementing the looks of any car because of its curvy designs. The titanium coloration attributed to the bike carrier helps in improving its looks dramatically. Looks aside, does the product deliver?

The Thule Freeride 532
Thule 532 Freeride Cycle Carrier – Silver

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Product’s Features:

  • Lockable – bike to bike carrier, bike carrier to load carrier (locks included).
  • Fits bike frames from oval 65 x 80 mm and round 22-70 mm
  • Thru-axle compatible – Yes
Thule Freeride Twin Pack 532
Thule Freeride Twin Pack 532 Bicycle Carrier Roof-Mounted

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Product’s Features:

  • Number of carriers: 1 per bike
  • Fits frame dimensions: round frame 65-80 mm
  • Fits wheel dimensions: All

Mounting the Product Is Easy

Even the first time users will find it extremely easy to mount the Thule 532 in their car. A safe and quick mounting of the bike carrier is possible by abiding the instructions provided with the product. Unlike the Thule Proride 591, this bike carrier can accommodate bike frames up to 80 millimeters only. For the sake of information, you can fit bike frames up to 100 millimeters in the Proride 591. The carrier comes with adjustable straps to hold the bike firmly. Just like the Proride 591, this carrier is also lockable – featuring bike to carrier and the bike carrier to the load carrier locks. Click here to watch the Thule 532 video manual.

The Thule Freeride 532 Is Pre-assembled

Another advantage bestowed with this model is that it has One Key locking facilities. Now instead of using separate locking keys, you just have to use a single to lock/unlock all the Thule products you may have! A similarity of the product with the Proride 591 is the ease of installation. You need to have to spend any extra time searching for installation tools to fix the mount in the car. The pre-assembling of the product comes handy during the installation process.

The Carrier Is Safe for You and Your Car

Unlike the 591, it is possible to fold down the Freeride 532 when not in use. Little do people realize that the products released by Thule will confirm with the city norms across the globe. For instance, the manufacturer has already subjected the product to extensive crash test sessions to make suitable amendments in the frame and design elements. The approval from TUV-GS is yet another appealing aspect of this bike carrier. Speaking about the so-called cons of the product, it can carry a maximum of one bike only. Besides, the frame is not self-adjusting like the Proride 591.

Ordering the Freeride 532 Online

The wise are already aware of the importance of going through the user experiences and reviews listed by the others who have already used the Thule Freeride 532. Taking informed decisions will help you to get peace of mind for the times to come. Likewise, the Freeride 532 is available from online stores. Please do a comparison of the prices before buying it from any particular e-store. Thule does not leave its paying customers in the lurch and hence, they offer spare parts and accessories designed to work perfectly with the 532. Check out the video reviews of this particular bike carrier to get some idea about what to expect! Also, let us know how the carrier has helped you.

The Thule Freeride 532
The Thule Freeride 532

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Please go through the performance bike shop for reviews of the product to gain more insight into the product. You can also buy this bike carrier directly from the official product website.

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