Thule bike rack for car Bike rack

Thule Bike Rack For Car Bike Rack EuroClassic G6 LED 929 Reviews

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The Thule EuroClassic g6 led 929 Bike Towball Carrier Reviews

Thule (Thule Group) is a manufacturing company that is famously known for the production of top of the class racks. Thule racks are very durable and of high quality. This is partly because of the impressive engineering work that is put on designing and manufacturing the racks. The company has also been known to manufacture paws that make it easier to lift the car as compared to other paw manufacturing companies whose toes require a lot of manpower to use. The carrier from Thule has been made in a variety of designs to suit different customers. It has different designs to suit different mounting options. The Thule EuroClassic g6 led 929 is fitted with a number of bells, whistles, and even some other optional extras. This is in addition to the fact that the carrier is a great and up to date flagship design.

Thule bike rack for car Bike rack
Thule bike rack for car Bike rack EuroClassic G6 LED 929

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Product’s Features:

  • Type: rear rack
  • Load Capacity: 60kg
  • Size-Transport Space: 3 bicycles

The rack is made to accommodate three bikes, but if the additional adapter is used it provides the rack with the alternative of increasing the carrying load and thus it can carry one more bike. The rack is not as heavy as other ordinary racks that have been known to be too heavy when installing on the roof of a vehicle. This is because the rack is made from aluminum which is the major metal used together with other great tensile materials that reduce the weight to suit the user.

The rack has the other additional advantage that makes it easier to install as compared to other racks. This is because it can be fastened onto the pull which also has a lever which locks to the back make the rack secure and also for the user to be more confident while using it. With the high insecurity levels it’s not shocking for the carrier and the bikes on the carrier can be detached from the car and stolen. The rack has a foot pedal that makes it easier for a person to use the boot. It allows the ability to be slightly moved away for the boot to be opened and hence the carrier does not have to be removed if it is mounted to the car. The carrier has something to stop it if in case of an accident the bikes don’t hit the ground. The rack is also very visible even at night because it’s fitted with LED lights which are very bright.

The carrier has three detachable arms which can be adjusted in order to secure the bikes. It locks the bikes to the racks which also locks the rack to the car with a similar key. The carrier has other optional extras that improve the workability of the carries. A good example is a special arm that is designed for the top tubes that are odd-shaped. There is also the detachable troughs for the wheels in which the wheels are fastened by ratcheting straps made of plastic material.

For anyone who has ever used other racks for mounted bikes, they will be greatly impressed by how stress-free the Thule rack fits when installing together advantages the rack has on the ordinary racks.

Thule bike rack for car Bike rack
Thule bike rack for car Bike rack EuroClassic G6 LED 929

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