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Best Thule Bike Rack For Cars

When shopping for a roof bike rack, there are many options available. What to keep in mind is your needs and your car type since getting one that will work on your vehicle can be a daunting task. Before buying a roof bike rack, ask yourself whether you need one for several bikes or for one bike. Well to help you make a decision, Thule bike rack site will greatly assist and before making that purchase, take time and review the options given on this website.

First, what kind of rack are you looking for? Is it bike rack, ski rack or base rack just to mention a few. Review the bike rack and decide on which load capacity. By load I mean whether the rack is for one, two, three, four or five bikes. This is a very important factor to consider before making that order. Thule Bike Carrier has all the options you’ll need for instance if you need a rack for three bikes, the ones available are hitch or rear racks and the one for the roof can carry only one bike.

It is very important for one to review all the options available on the Thule Bike Rack For Cars website before making that order since there are more than just racks like rack style, prices, and product name. Each product has it owns specification and price. I’ll outline the three main types of racks together with their pros and cons in order to assist you to make the correct order;

1. Cars Roof Rack

Thule Roof Rack

This type attaches the bike to the roof of a car. Several designs are available at Thule website. They include that which requires the front wheel of the bike to be removed and the other can be clamped directly to the bicycle frame. This type of rack requires your car to have a standard roof rack or cross bars attached to your car. Thule bike rack is the most popular brand for this type. The advantage of this type of rack is that it protects your bike from scratches since it is mounted on the roof of your car. The only disadvantage of this type is that it might be a daunting task to fit your bike on this type of rack especially if you have the big off-road car or SUV.

2. Clip Boot Bike Rack

Thule Clip Boot Bike Rack

This type works by fastening straps on your car bumper or your car edge. There are two arms that attach your bike under a top tube and with the aid of straps, it fastens your bike. Quite a task in the first installation but very easy in subsequent ones with minimal effort and is the cheapest type of Thule Bike racks. However, this type of rack makes access to your car boot space difficult and requires careful loading to avoid scratching your car polish. Parking poses a challenge too.

3. Hitch Bike Racks


It simply slides onto your car hitch, a very convenient method carrying your bike. It involves very little lifting and can be fitted or removed very easily. It is worth to order this type. However, they are prone to rattles when transporting more than one bike and just like the boot clips rack, they can make access to your car boot difficult. Also, parking may prove a challenge.

With this information in hand, you are set. Go for the best in the market, go for Thule Bike racks. You also can visit the Thule official page to find more information.

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