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One day, you are hanging out around the city or taking a long journey with your buddies, especially your partner on the bicycle. The best choice of transport bikes is hitch-mounted racks. Moreover, selecting the best bike racks is not only to enjoy your fantasy trips but also catch up with the most fashionable trends. At now, there are a variety of Bike racks’ products that suitable in your hobbies and demand, but they divide into two main types: platinum models and hanging shelves. To gain more in-depth insight into them, we will show you some typical hitch bike racks in 2019. Besides, according to your user purposes, we not only put all our efforts into the highest quality product but also propose supporting clients. From that, they could able to grab the best one quickly. Now, let’s find out the best hitch bike racks in 2019.


1.  Kuat Transfer

The Kuat transfer is a platform of hitch mount bike rack. This mainly means the model lacks the bells, whistles, and refinement of the higher-priced competition; however, testers found it to be a high-quality alternative, including the price. It is often a high versatile rack that probably matches both 1.25″ and 2″ receivers, wheel sizes from 20″ to 29″. Besides this, it also has a low loading height, self-adjusting wheel trays, and it clamps the bike by the wheels. It additionally includes a client-beneficially foot pedal tilt release to lift and lower the rack. Furthermore, the open support arm, which is design for works with backup cameras is better than similar platform racks in the trial experiment. The Transfer doesn’t associate with any locks even though a locking kit is available on the trade market, and it feels considerably less sturdy than our leading models.

  • This product is lightweight
  • Releasing the lift easily.
  • Manufactured from high-quality materials.
  • The price is affordable for users.
  • Less sturdy
  • No frame contact.

2. Kuat Racks NV 2.0 Bike Rack Hitch

Kuat spent nearly three years overhauling its and fine-tuning it to perfection. It wisely offers the NV 2.0 plenty of preserving power in a world of ever-increasing tire size by boosting up its compatibility with 4.8 in tires, and it beefed up the pivot design to bring it to serious preserving power. The entire bike rack hitch installs through a simple tool-free installation knob, and it also converts into a particularly solid work stand for race-day wheelset swaps and alternative on-the-go maintenance.

At this time, they’ve experimented and ran version 2.0, which resembles its predecessor includes a bike stand. We’re not sure how much energy used obtains, but Kuat developed from day to day and improved the efficiency of the position in the second version of this hitch rack. They’ve also researched a lot about current demands and trends, including establishing in an incompatibility for all the cutting edge wheel and tire sizes.

  • Convenient for assembly.
  • Trail Doc operates well
  • Users can alter the bike security system quickly.
  • It entirely integrated with cable locks.
  • This version is a bit heavy.
  • Tire sizes need some improvement.

3. Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

The users want to glance at higher but winced at the cost tag, the option of bike rack from Swagman would be valuable. It is crucially, quietly, and cheaper.

This model lacks plenty of the high-end attributes which you’ll find out on it before. There is no hinge to permit trunk access because it does not fold upon itself. Moreover, a locking cable is available to lock down safely on user’s bikes. 

On the other hand, it is convenient to use, with a pair of ratchet arms that securely lock the bike in the process of transiting. Moreover, it is simple to operate – they even have a tremendous wide loading range and able to keep up to 59 cm frames. Besides this, they have a perfect load capacity, which up to 35 pounds per bike position.

  • Convenient to assemble
  • This frame is stable and sturdy.
  • It can save up your storage space.
  • The price is reasonable
  • The design is not user-friendly.
  • The ratcheting arms scuff bike frames.

4. Yakima – Holdup Hitch Mounted Bike Rack 

Another version that we introduce to you is Yakima. It is a hitch-mounted type of car-bike and is slightly different from the two models, such as Thule and Swagman. Instead of being base mounted carrying rack, it has an expanded arm to which the bike tubes are attached.

It does share some features with the two models, the ease of setting up the rack onto your transport. It even accomplished with a convenient Speedknob style of attaching point that was quickly adding into both 1.25 or 2 inches hitch.

You can able to obtain more carry capacity with this bike carrier, with various styles available to bring 2,4 or 5 bikes and make it more usable for your family journey.

In reality, the Yakima bike rack hitch can load in a place with using zip strips. We even construct anti-sway cradles to limit bicycle from knocking into each other when users drive.

  • Convenient and easy assembly for a while.
  • It owns a sturdy arm design that makes you load your bike quickly.
  • It has no contact with the bike frame.
  • This version accommodates carbon road bikes and disc brakes.
  • The appearance of this model is not user-friendly.

5. Swagman Chinook Hitch Bike Rack 

Swagman plays a vital role as a hitch-mounted platform bike rack, and the Swagman Chinook can preserve all types of shapes. The ratchet straps fasten down two bikes at the same time, and the adjustable padded arms make sure the top of the frame securely.

Both cradles and upper hooks can be adjusted to fit bikes of completely various sizes. This padded hook ratchet even works as a security measurement. They can be locked with a key so that the structure not moved until the ratchets are pulled out.

Like some of the hitch mounted bike racks on this list, the Chinook can be suitable for both standard-sized hitches. The frame can be tilted down for access to your trunk and folded away when not in use.

  • Easy access trunk while bikes loaded.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It saves up your storage space.
  • This product is versatile.
  • It doesn’t operate as well as regular bike locks.
  • Some sizes may not fit.

6. Hollywood Racks HR1400 Sport Rider SE 4-Bike Platform Style Hitch Mount Rack 

The Hollywood HR1400 Sport Rider is a quite heavy rack that carries up to 4 bikes on your truck’s rear. It’s necessarily a two in one rack and a set of two conjoined platform-style racks each carrying two bikes. 

The Sport Rider attributes a precision-clamping system, cushioned grip arms, adjustable wheel cradles, and spring pins that allow the rack to fold. The frame uses a turn handle on the base unit to augment the joint between the receiver hitch and the shank. 

One of the attributes makes this 4 bike hitch rack versatile is the hooks on the clamping system are not suitable. The rack’s tilting component allows it to fold (even when fully loaded), so you can efficiently operate your vehicle’s trunk. When you do not need to use, you can fold the rack up against your car’s backside to create room for spot parking.

  • This version has no wobble.
  • It is safe and secure for users.
  • You can have an adjustable wheel holder during your excursion.
  • Quickly fold the rack flat against the car when not in use.
  • It is heavy to maneuver alone.
  • This model is bulky and owns a bizarre shape for storage.

7. The Thule T2 Pro XT

The first Thule bike rack we would mention to users is one of their top-end models. A product will supply one among the securest rides for your cycle obtainable.

You can set it up, the tilt mechanism and the low loading height make one-handed front wheel clamps easy. When you’re not using it, you also don’t need to take the Carrier off the vehicle, fold up the rack with a lever. 

Another handy design feature is the wide wheel trays that can give bicycle enthusiasts an option that fits all wheels. Both bike racks can be adjusted back and forth between the sides, and your bike conveniently secured with an integrated cable lock. The ratcheting arm of this version is also not in contact with the bike frame, so there’s no probability that the frame scratched in any form.  

  • Convenient to assembly
  • It owns a stability quality
  • Release handle location and having a cable locking system
  • Easy tilt release function at the rear of the rack.
  • The frame scratched in some cases.

8. Thule Vertex XT Hitch Mount Bike Carrier 

This bike carrier has some properties, especially can hold two bicycles, and its load capacity is approximately 70 pounds (35 lbs per bike). It is well-equipped with an integrated cable lock, which hides away when not in use, and made of highly sustainable material. Therefore, the protection of your two-wheeled steed is guaranteed.

The Thule Vertex XT also has a unique and state of the art arc architecture, which upgrades ground clearance and provides super-easy access to the trunk. Moreover, you will not need any Thule fit kit for this bike carrier. Besides, it owns simple installation and snappy construction, and Vertex XT will provide you with the best bang for your buck. Once you establish this bike carrier, you will realize why the style of Thule Vertex XT is the ultimate alternative when it shows an iconic bike of the Thule 4 bike rack mount category

  • It owns integrated Cable Lock.
  • Easy access to the rear as the rack tilts
  • Arc design for convenient loading.
  • Support with handle for carrying.
  • The screw is so tight to open.
  • The price is a bit expensive.

9. Kuat Racks Sherpa 2.0-2 Bike Rack

Kuat Racks Sherpa 2.0 is the latest product of the Kuat Racks series. This Kuat bike rack has a lot of benefits and uses, comprising of that it’s ergonomically frame designed. This updated version provides stable and perfect security, compatibility, and user-friendly architecture. The flow of version, which highlighted, consists of a semi-integrated bike lock and front tire ratchet design for upgrading the operation better than the others before. These hitch racks make loading and unloading of the bikes more convenient due to their low loading height. Moreover, the foot release is a fantastic selection compared to other brands like the T2 Classic, which needs two hands for the same job.

Its rear tire cradle features a co-molded strap, which makes the wheel easily secured. The folding tire cradle creates enough spaces so your bikes won’t rub, and the all-aluminum construction makes it lightweight. 

  • Lightweight and simple
  • Integrated with a foot-pedal-tilt mechanism
  • Convenient front tire ratchet design
  • Co-molded strap to protect wheels
  • This model lacks versatility.
  • Quite expensive.

10. Allen Sports Hitch Mounted 4-Bike Carrier

The Allen Sports Hitch Mounted 4-Bike Carrier is a World-class product of Allen Sports. The bike racks are very comfortable and beneficial for the bike riders. It offers safe and easy transportation of your bike. It produced with fire hose casings (for padding), electrical conduit, and metal strapping. The bike rack is durable and convenient to use.  

When it comes to the cost, you can grab the best 4 bike hitch rack at a reasonable price by saving some money. So, you can buy an Allen Sports Hitch Mounted 4-Bike Carrier at an affordable price and can also enjoy free shipping. This version is also available to develop countries for shipping outside America. On the other hand, you can make an order and get the product and enjoy it. The Allen Sports Hitch Mounted 4-Bike Carrier is perfect for every bike rider… (Read more).

  • No wobble hitch setting program.
  • Completely convenient to install.
  • Solid and secure.
  • Best version and best competitive product in the market, which brings a significant amount of excellent value.
  • It may bend in a heavy load condition.
  • The cradles are small.


Bicycle racks are the ideal means of transport when it comes to traveling with your bicycle.

There are many options to choose when looking for a bike rack, and the ease of use will ensure your time is spent exploring the outdoors and not struggling with getting your bicycles out of the back of your car or SUV.

Here are questions help you decide what type of bike rack is right for you.  

  • How many bicycles do you need to transport?
  • How often will you use the shelf?
  • Do you use the frame in a rental vehicle or your vehicle?
  • Will you need to move the frame from one vehicle to another?
  • Can you lift a bicycle by yourself above the head and hold it on the frame with one hand?
  • Are there other activities for which a shelf will be useful? How to transport a kayak or SUP?
  • Do you have an unusual bicycle like a tandem?
  • Does your vehicle have a luggage rack or a trailer hitch?
  • Does your vehicle have a spare tire at the rear?
  • Do you use a camper bike rack?

Types of bike rack

There are three different types of bike rack. Let’s review them now! 

Roof rack

The luggage rack consists of a metal luggage rack that installed on the roof of your vehicle, and that holds the bicycle upright.

Because the roof racks keep the bike out of the line of sight when driving, they are excellent as a long-term option, especially since they can be left on top of the car when they are not in use.

Luggage racks avoided if you travel in an area with little free space. The bicycle suspended in an upright position, so low bridges, parking lots, or low hanging trees avoided.

Luggage carriers never used with heavy bicycles, and there is a risk that the bike damaged due to debris, animals, insects, or bad weather during the trip.

Hitch rack

Platform racks, although heavier and more expensive, offer many advantages over other designs. The stable platform where the front and rear wheels sit on a tray and virtually eliminates any risk of balancing during transport and many different styles of bicycles transported at the same time.

The minimum contact with the bicycle frame ensures that the bicycle will be protected during the trip and reduces the risk of damaging the frame. This type of hitch rack is ideal for new fat tire bicycles. 

Rack bike mount in the trunk

Probably the most popular style of a bicycle carrier is called the “mounting trunk.” A trunk mount is a convenient option for carrying several bicycles and can be easily stored when not in use.

Boot supports do not require additional assembly, such as hitch support and avoid many hazards associated with roof racks. The trunk supports are usually very light and easy to use. It can be easily fixed to the spare tire or to the trunk door itself.

When buying a trunk assembly, you will want to consider your vehicle. While most of the options are lightweight, if you choose a model that does not fit your car well, you can risk dents, deformations, or scratches in your vehicle.


Most bike racks are usually very easy to use and secure to the vehicle. Here are some things to consider before choosing:

– Typically, luggage carriers require the most physical effort, since mounting the bicycle on top of the car needs some extensive lifting.

– Almost all bicycle carriers include easy installation processes; however, you must be sure that the style you choose does not limit its accessibility, or block any features of your car that you may need.

– Because the boot mounting designs can be so easily removed from a vehicle that they are the easiest to steal and along with your bicycles.

– If you don’t want or can’t lift your bike too high, a platform bike rack that sits low on the ground is your best option.

– Keep the safety of your bicycles in mind; most bicycle carriers have additional locks to keep bicycles safe.

Useful tips 

While many bike rack styles can support several bicycles, the most stable and reliable is typically the mounting hitch. A hitch mount design will allow you to load multiple bicycles at chest level resulting in easy loading.

A hitch mounting platform style is ideal to allow ample space between bicycles, resulting in less damage from the collision of the racks. The hitch brackets can accommodate almost any style of bike, as long as the vehicle and the hitch can support it.

A common concern regarding pull mounts is how much they will hamper the ability to reach the trunk of the vehicle. A common solution to this problem is the purchase of a swing hitch, which will allow you to move the bicycles with the help of a hinge, to ensure access to the trunk.

A roof rack is a great option if you are looking for a permanent or long-term installation device, which can carry more than just your bike. Luggage racks can also be used when it comes to skiing, sailing, or storing snowboard equipment.

If you are a man outdoors throughout the year, you will probably find many reasons to take advantage of a roof rack.

A boot-mount style is ideal for those who need to transport their bicycles, but need an option that provides compact storage and easy to remove from the car.

They are relatively cheap options that are perfect for occasional use. A great benefit for trunk support is that most used in several cars.

When buying a bike rack, it is essential to think about individual needs. Consider factors such as charging time, add-ons, and ease of installation, especially if you are not familiar with bicycle stands.

Determine how often you will use the bike stand, which will help you decide if a permanent or detachable stand is better for you. Your bike rack must provide stability, durability, and protection for your bike, your car, and you. 


Driving your car and taking your bike is possible, thanks to the bike rack. Therefore, you decided to buy a bike rack car. In this sense, we have prepared this article for informational purposes, where we will give you some recommendations on how to use a bicycle carrier safely and efficiently so that you can get the most out of your product.

Check the instruction manual carefully

Any product that installed for the first time as an accessory for the car must be thoroughly studied. In the instructions, you can determine which tools you will need, although some models include what you need for assembly. This document also provides some safety tips and recommendations about the care and maintenance of your bike rack for proper use.

Assemble the bike carrier before placing it in your vehicle

This process must be done very carefully, guided by the instruction manual. You can start by assembling the smallest pieces to the biggest ones. For example, you can assemble the fastening hooks, placing their respective screws and nuts. Then you can place the locks on the bike rack properly. The idea is to assemble the product parts and then mount it in the vehicle.

Proceed to mount the bike carrier in the vehicle

After having assembled almost all parts of the bike carrier, the next thing is to mount it on the vehicle. Depending on the type of product you have, place it properly in the car. In the case of ball bicycles, place them on the hitch until an indicator turns from red to green, showing that they are correctly positioned, securing them with their respective security keys. For roof racks, the fasteners must be properly placed under the roof bars of the car and fixed with their respective safety locks.

Gate or trunk bicycles must almost always be placed perpendicularly on the trunk of the car. The next thing is to fix the anchors on the top, bottom, and side of the vehicle. Tighten each of the anchors tightly until the ropes are tight and then close the anchor straps. In this way, the bike rack already placed in your vehicle and ready to support the bicycles you are going to transport.

Place the bicycles in your bike rack

Once your bike rack is mounted, the next thing is to ride the bike or bicycles and secure them in the device. Some models of ball bicycles include an accessory that allows you to climb the bike by passing it on the rails of the device. The roof and gate are usually mounted using your physical strength.

Once the bicycles are mounted, they secured with their respective fastening systems; Some of them use security keys. From here, you can transfer your bike reliably and safely.

Remove your bike from the bike rack

After arriving at the destination with your car, open the restraint systems depending on whether they use security keys or anchor locks. Remove the bike carefully and voila, you can now use your bike wherever you are.


Q1: What kind of hitch do you need for a bike rack?

There are two types of hooks: the new size 2″x2″ and the 1.25″x 1.25″. Before buying a bicycle hitch mounting bracket, you need to check to see what frame hitch size fits. Many of them have an adapter to work with any size but confirm before buying.

Q2: Do bicycle racks fit all cars?

The “Trunk” bike racks not only fit in the boot of cars but also work with most SUVs. The straps on the frame of the bike rack for SUV have clips that fit the vehicle except for the trucks. 

Q3: How can I fix my bike to my bike rack?

The easiest way is with a bicycle cable lock. You can wrap around the bike frame and then around the frame if your coat rack uses straps to hold it. However, all thieves would do is cut the straps and take both the frame and the bicycle. At least it will deter most thieves.

Q4: Can you open the trunk with a bike rack?

If you need to access your trunk with the bike rack still connected. You will need to use a bike mount mounted on the hitch that will tip down like the Allen Sports or will swing like the Yakima Full swing.

Q5: Which bike rack is better?

We feel that the best track for trunk bicycles is the Saris Bones; for a platform bike rack, the Thule T2 Pro Bike Rack is an excellent option, and for a bicycle hitch assembly, the Yakima Full Swing is your best option.

Q6: Is there a bike rack that does not cover the license plate?

Within the current bike rack, the models that mounted on the roof do not cover the license plate, for apparent reasons. Regarding the models mounted on the rear, those that fixed to the gate do not usually cover it, placing the bicycles at a minimum height similar to the point where the rear moon located. Regarding the ball or trailer, these do cover it, although they usually include additional lights and a space to add any other license plate.

Q7: What bike rack is prohibited?

In general, no bicycle rack is prohibited, provided that they comply with the corresponding regulations regarding vehicle accessories. It refers to the need for the fixation to be resistant, that there are no risks of the detachment of the product and that the vehicle and accessory assembly does not exceed the legally established measures regarding the height or length of the car.

Something that manufacturers take into account so that it does not happen. What we should keep in mind is that the bicycle carrier cannot cover the license plate or lights. In this case, the bicycle rack must include both the aforementioned lights connected to the vehicle and an additional license plate holder, where to place a copy of it. Here we must also mount the famous V 20 plate, which indicates that the load protrudes from the rear of the vehicle.

Q8: Which is better, roof rack or gate?

It all depends on our preferences and the type of vehicle. In general, the gate bike carrier is usually more comfortable to use, because it is lower, while not excessively affecting driving, because the bicycles remain within the aerodynamic line of the vehicle. However, if you are looking for a lightweight solution that you can disassemble comfortably, the ceiling models are usually more suitable than the gate ones. A very suitable solution to carry a single bicycle. It’s all about seeing what your needs are and also the type of vehicle you drive.

Q9: Where is it better to place the bike rack? 

In terms of consumption and aerodynamics, gate or tow ball bicycles recommended than roof bikes. The main reason is the vehicle serves as a parapet or shield to our bicycles. Besides, the fuel consumption is not increased in excess, since the aerodynamics of the car does not change, since the rear assembly lengthens the vehicle a bit but does not increase its height.

Q10: Are roof bike racks safe?

Roof racks are safe as long as they are well designed, well mounted, and of quality. We usually find in the different models that we see in the market. However, it is worth checking the construction of the product, as well as the condition of the bars. It is also a key to execute the assembly according to the instructions given, making sure everything is well fixed. A precaution that we must also take into account when placing bicycles on the product.

Q11: Is a locked bicycle rack safe against theft?

Although some bicycle carriers have security elements designed to prevent theft, the truth is that they do not have important security, being relatively easy to disassemble with the appropriate key. Even worse is the case in models equipped with straps, which is enough to cut to take the bike carrier. So unless you include some additional restraint system, such as chains and pythons, it is safest to store the bike rack in the trunk when you leave the vehicle parked.


We believe that you can select the best hitch bike racks in the future. If you have any queries, please share with us your experience as well as opinion. We will try all the way to deliver all perfect things to you.

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