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Best Bike Rack for Car in 2020 – Many Factors to Consider When Looking For The Best Bike Rack For Your Car

Best Bike Rack for Car – Different Designs for Bike Racks for Cars

Best Bike racks for cars have become a great choice for today’s active bikers on the go. These racks can make it extremely easy for you to travel by bike to any destination. For example, going to the lake or mountain biking can become more convenient simply by placing your bike on the top of your car. These racks are definitely a must-have for those who really enjoy the outdoors. Most bike racks for cars do come equipped to fit SUVs, compact cars, and trucks.

When it comes to Bike Racks For Cars, there are a few key things you must know in order to get the perfect rack for you. The actual rack that will fit your car, and how much it will cost, does depend on the type of vehicle you have, and how many bikes you want to carry with you. However, simply by checking with each individual manufacturer before purchasing your rack can assist you to determine which rack is right for your car.

The key function of bike car racks is to provide you a safe method to transport your bike from one location to another. A well-made bike rack can keep your bike securely in place while you travel, thus preventing any movement or possible scratching of your car.

There are many bike racks for cars available on the market. If you are going to need a good quality bike rack but you should be aware that all bike racks are not equal, and depending on your vehicle some of them can be a downright pain in the butt. We can help you to give the best available info on bike racks and make sure that not only do you get a great bike rack that will carry your gear wherever the road leads you but also to ensure that you get the most “bang” for your buck. We will touch on the pros and cons of the major types of bike racks and show you where you can find more information.

Benefits of Bike Racks for cars

A bike rack can always be placed on top of the car and secured easily, giving you more room for your trunk.

Another reason to invest in a bike rack is that it gives you the benefit of safety. With a bike rack installed, your bike will never fall off. They’ve even been tested on bumpy roads and steep hills!

Bike racks for cars are also great for storing your bike during a camping trip when it is not in use. Your bike can also be secured with a lock to prevent people from stealing it.

Save time by installing a bike rack. You don’t have to stand around scratching your head and wondering how to fit the bike through the car door. Everything sets up in 3-5 minutes!

Many Factors to consider when finding the best bike rack for your car.

As with any purchase consideration, there is a lot to think about.  The most important questions to consider when looking for the best bike rack for your car are the following:

  • How many bikes do you need to carry? 2 bikes? 4bikes? or More? – Different racks specialize in carrying different amounts of bikes better than others.
  • What kind of vehicle do you have? – This will greatly affect your options with bike racks and determines what model is best suited for your vehicle.
  • How often will you be transporting bikes? – Do you need a more permanent bike rack for frequent trips, or do you want one that is easy to attach and remove at a moment’s notice?
  • How much are you willing to spend? – Luckily, there are some GREAT bike racks that don’t cost an arm and a leg. That said, the difference between the lower-end and higher-end models are like night and day. How much are you willing to invest to keep your bikes safe and give you peace of mind?
  • How important to you are the intangibles? – Do you care about the style and “look” of the rack? What about the warranty? How about durability and ease of use? These all need to be taken into consideration as well.

Types of Bike Racks for Cars

Bike racks for cars often mount in one of three places on a vehicle: the trunk, trailer hitch, or the roof. They can carry from two to five bicycles depending on the type of rack you select. Before buying bike racks for cars, you must be kept in mind that the number of bikes that you want to carry and the type of car that you own. This major factor will define the types of bike racks for cars that you can buy. There are few of the most common types of bike racks as following:

Hitch Mount Bike Racks

Hitch Mount Bike Racks are among the most popular bike racks for cars. These racks mount into the hitch receiver on your car, truck, or SUV and can hold anywhere from 2 bikes up to as many as 6 bikes that I have seen. They are an efficient way to carry bikes on a car. They save a lot of space and look safe, durable, and better than all the types of bike racks.  The racks are latched onto the drawbar receiving tube or hitch tube. The pros of this style of car rack are that they are common, economical, and easy to install. These racks are extremely popular with the outdoors crowd as they are perfectly suited for long road trips and unfavorable conditions. The downside is that they can make it difficult to get into the rear trunk or hatch area which can be a pain. Most people carry a single bike on this type of racks but multiple bikes can be carried as well.

Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

The absolute best hitch-mounted rack for an example is the Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack.  Equally as customer reviews and also expert opinions recommend, this rack is far and away one of the best offers you can get, duration.  Swagman bike racks are not expensive, extremely durable, easy to set up and remove, great-looking, as well as most significantly, backed by a charitable lifetime service warranty.


Swagman’s XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack easily adjusts to accommodate a wide variety of bike frames.

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Specifications of Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack
  • Capacity: Two bikes
  • Mount: 2-inch hitch
  • Hitch: Fits Class 3 hitch
  • Rack weight: 32 lbs
  • Maximum Carrying Capacity: 35 lbs per bike
  • Material: Steel
  • Folds up into a vertically compact unit
  • Fits 20″ -29″ wheel sizes
Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack
Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack
Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack

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Trunk Mount Bike Racks

For anyone trying to find a simple, flexible, and affordable option for carrying bikes, trunk mounted racks for bike are a great choice and suitable for those people who cannot manage to fix roof mount and hitch mount on their car. This type of bike rack is very flexible and can fit just about any type of vehicle trunk. Truck Mount Bike Racks are the easiest bike mount among all the available bike racks for cars, as well as, gaining in popularity at a rapid speed. They are held to the vehicle using ratcheting straps that hold the rack and the bikes quite securely. These don’t require much time to be install and are cheaper than the other alternatives. The advantage of these types of racks is that they are very flexible and can fit a number of different vehicles. Trunk-mounted bike rack is designed for those who desire a simple way to transport bikes without investing in an expensive or unnecessary roof or hitch mounts, and who value being able to easily attach or remove these smaller, lighter racks with ease.  They are often the most effective alternative for those with cars or sedans.

High-quality trunk-mount racks are very easy to install and can fit the largest variety of cars. You can consider this type of mount if you want to use it as a temporary bike rack for your car as it is easily. To determine if your car is suited for a trunk-mount rack, you should consider these things:

1 – Does your current vehicle have a spoiler? Though many racks on the market are designed to accommodate spoilers, they can interfere with the installation of a trunk-mount rack. Often times, the rack’s feet will not fit around the spoiler. In other cases, a spoiler can obstruct the use of mounting straps.

2 – Can your trunk or hatch carry the load? Does the weather-stripping on your vehicle make it easy for mounting hooks to be inserted? Forcing the mounting hooks to be inserted will damage the weather-stripping and can cause severe water leaks.

3 – Can the rear panel or bumper support the load? For example, the rear panels on vans are often thin and can cave in if too much weight is placed on them. It is recommended to have the rack sit on the bumper in this particular case. However, the bumper should be checked to make sure it can carry the load because most of them are now made of plastic.

Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

The absolute best trunk-mounted bike rack according to users and experts alike is the Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack. This type of bike rack fits sedans, hatchbacks, minivans and SUV’s.  Allen bike racks are stylish, good-looking, very easy to use, and flexible options for transporting bicycles while on the road around town or cross country. This rack comes fully assembled sets up and attached to your car securely in a matter of seconds. Steel construction with a rugged UV-resistant polyester powder coating keeps this bike solid and ensuring both durability and a sleek, attractive look. It features a patented tie-down system, which individually secures and protects each bicycle. Two side straps and an extra-wide bottom foot deliver exceptional stability on your vehicle, designed to get around most externally mounted spare tires. Its 22 inches long carry arms can accommodate up to four bicycles and can be released with a single pop up a pin when not in use for easier storage. A full lifetime warranty gives you peace of mind that this rack will never fail you, and you will always be taken care of when you get an Allen Bike Rack. This rack is priced around $120, and the best price can be found below by clicking the link to Amazon.

Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

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Features of Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack:

Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack
  • Fits most sedans, hatchbacks, minivans and SUV’s
  • Single configuration design eliminates headaches during set up and installation
  • The patented tie-down system individually secures bicycles
  • Lifetime on workmanship and material
  • Sets up and installs in seconds
  • Fully assembled
  • Extra-wide bottom foot and side straps deliver exceptional stability on vehicle
  • The clear arch top and bottom feet protect vehicle finish
  • Allen’s lifetime warranty
Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack
Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack
Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

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Truck bed mount bike rack

Truck Bed Mount bike rack is normally established on open bed trucks. One can try to just pile on the bikes on the truck bed but it may result in numerous scratches or other disabilities. A bike rack will ensure the safety of the bike as well as the truck. The bikes are fixed into the groves that are provided and they stand up and down on the rack. This can be used to carry many bikes depending on the dimension of the truck.

Trailer Hitch Racks

If a trunk-mount rack does not suit your car, then a trailer hitch rack can be a great solution, however, you must have a hitch on your car. Trailer hitch racks are very easy to place bikes on, and they’re also very quick to install, usually with one bolt. These racks are available in two specific sizes: an inch and a quarter or two-inch. The inch and a quarter version of this rack do carry less weight, thus fewer bicycles. However, the two-inch version is more common and can carry heavier loads, from two to five bicycles. Most trailer hitch racks can retract or pivot to allow you to access cargo space.

Spare Tire Mount bike racks

Spare Tire Mount is constructed for jeeps and also SUVs as they normally have a spare tire place on the rear door. Most importantly you can establish it up over the spare tire and also, therefore, you can carry the spare tire along with your bikes. The other arrangements of this mount are the same as the Hitch mount system. They do not cost much and are very easy to eliminate. They are made use of to hold one bike but there are particular makes that support two or three bikes.

Roof Top Racks.

If a trunk-mount or trailer hitch rack does not accommodate your vehicle, then a rooftop rack is another alternative for carrying your bicycle. Though this type of rack is more expensive, rooftop racks are the most versatile. They can carry kayaks, skis, lumber, and even surfboards quite easily. They also keep your cargo space available to you. There are many a-la-carte systems available to choose from; where you can quickly select the set you want.

Additionally, with this type of rack, you do have the option of transporting your bike with or without the front wheel attached. Transporting your bicycle with the front wheel attached is the most convenient way. However, transporting it without the front wheel attached, while the bike is fastened to the rack is more secure and can provide better overhead clearance.

Roof Mount Bike Racks

Roof Mount Bike Racks for cars are designed to carry your racks on top of your vehicle, often attached to your factory crossbars or roof rails. These racks are perhaps the most widely used bike racks. The reason for them being so common is simple. These bikes racks are for the purpose of fixing the bikes on the roof of the cars. These roof bike racks are designed for all types of car models. Different car models have various structures and all cars cannot support too much extra weight. One must be careful about the car’s final height after piling on the bikes on the bike rack as an unskilled driver can forget it and get into trouble traveling through narrow roads with low overhangs. They utilize your existing roof rack rails to mount the bike to the car. The bike roof mount racks can hold up to six bikes although this depends on the capacity of the car. These are best suited for heavy-duty trucks and SUV’s as they can easily support the weight of multiple bikes. They are generally used for the purpose of mountain bikes. There are a few brands in the market that produce proprietary bike racks for a special type of car. They are likewise specialized in one of the most well-known and highly related to all bike carriers, Rhino Rack.

Rhino Rack Roof Top Hybrid Bike Carrier

Rhino-Rack has been creating world-class roof racks since 1992. Rhino Rack has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing the innovative range of roof rack products, supplying high-quality gear to all industry segments. User and expert reviews agree here as well: the best roof-mount bike rack is the Rhino Rack Roof Top Hybrid Bike Carrier.  Manufactured under Rhino Rack’s strict guidelines for customer satisfaction, reliability, durability, and ease of use, it is hard not to immediately fall in love with this splendid rack.  If you’re looking for a roof-mount bike rack, don’t hesitate; get this now.

It is made with you in mind the Hybrid Bike Carrier is the best accessory for roof top bike transporting. Engineered with an ergonomically shaped manage that makes the arm simpler to take down and release. With 3 locking systems in position, you can feel confident that your bike is risk-free. The Crossbreed Bike Carrier fits on either side of your car’s roof and folds up completely level without a bike connected so you can pass by the Hybrid Bike Carrier prepared at a minute’s notification for day-to-day experiences.

Rhino Rack Roof Top Hybrid Bike Carrier with Ratchet Arm and Multiple Locking Systems to Avoid Theft

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Features of Rhino Rack Roof Top Hybrid Bike Carrier:

Rhino Rack Roof Top Hybrid Bike Carrier
  • The multiple locking system, rack to carrier, bike to carrier and finally the cable to keep your bike and racks as secure as possible
  • Ergonomically shaped handle with release trigger and locking system
  • Premium aluminum casting and tray
  • Wheel straps secure bike firmly to your roof
  • Universal mounting hardware fits the most popular roof racks on the market.
  • Fits C-channels (use #RBCA034)
  • Use #RBCA035 for Heavy Duty Bar.
  • Fits from 20” kids bikes to 29” mountain bikes
  • Tough non-corrosive construction to withstand outdoor elements
  • Suitable for bikes up to 21kg / 45lb
  • Minimum crossbar spacing 55cm / 21″ and maximum is 101cm / 39″
  • MasterKey compatible
  • Fat Bike Adaptor also available with part #RBCA033
Rhino Rack Roof Top Hybrid Bike Carrier
Rhino Rack Roof Top Hybrid Bike Carrier
Rhino Rack Roof Top Hybrid Bike Carrier

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There are a lot of benefits that these racks can offer to you. Bike racks for cars are definitely a great choice for today’s active bikers on the go.

Where to Buy Best Bike Rack For Car?

Thanks for reading our Best Bike Rack for Car in 2020 – Many Factors to Consider When Looking For The Best Bike Rack For Your Car, and we hope we have helped you with your quest for the best hitch bike rack As always, we hope to see you out on the road on the way to your next biking adventure!

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