GMC Topkick Mountain Bike Reviews

GMC Topkick

GMC Topkick Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike is a hardcore off-road bike with original dual suspension system that absorbs unnecessary noise of the road, super strong and light frame, the fork is equipped with a mechanism combining spring and elastomer. Together with other features, this makes GMC Topkick a perfect bike suitable both for tough trail or moderate city riding.

GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

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GMC Topkick Mountain Bike is an ideal choice for trail and rough city riding. It has the best product features such as full-suspension, strong aluminum frame, a floating beam suspension design that is mated to a zoom suspension fork with spring technology, micro shift push shifter and Shimano TZ-30GS derailleur, strong aluminum wheelset featuring V-shape rim profile and high-flange alloy hubs. This will keep you stopping smoothly in any circumstance. Plus, it is front and rear Promax disk brakes work great even in adverse conditions.

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Everybody will like GMC Topkick Mountain Bike because of its easy hand tightening. Loosing of the wheels means there are no tools to carry.

There is also an excellent braking system which makes the bike screech to a halt every time. It is also well­-balanced that can take you anywhere. The GMC Topkick Mountain Bike is rugged, good looking and durable.

The GMC Topkick Mountain Bike is made by KENT BICYCLE COMPANY for GMC.  When you buy a bicycle, don’t forget  these crucial add-ons:

  • Helmet
  • Seat pack
  • Lock
  • Hydration pack, or water bottles and bottle cages
  • Spare tubes
  • Portable bike pump
  • Gloves

GMC Topkick Mountain Bike Review

This bike is a good partner to go driving to the real off-road conditions and become the king of the trail. First of all, it has an unbeatably strong 26-inch frame, which is on the other hand very light, and you simply feel how easily you can push up the bike with a mere movement of arms. The fork is equipped with the Zoom CH-386 mechanism that combines spring and elastomer, and in this case, it means performance and durability. The suspension of the fork travels for65 mm, which is today a standard value for mountain bikes.

Another feature that is a «must» for trail riding is the availability of 160 mm Promax disc brakes. Disc brakes are much better than classical rim brakes, especially in wet conditions, when brakes performance become dependent on the surface of rims. Promax brakes are designed to make stopping precise and smooth exactly where and when you want.

For riding on tricky pathways in the forests or mountains you should have strong and reliable wheels with durable protected tires. This is a case for GMC Topkick Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike – it has a pair of wonderful wheels with V-form rims made of black alloy, and black colored Kenda 700 x 25C tires.

Speaking about a perfect bike cannot go without gear performance. Gear of this GMC monster has two brilliant examples of derailleurs: in front, it is Falcon MF 31T derailleurs, and on the rear side it’s the Shimano RD-TZ30GS SIS with impressive 7 speeds, though only in a few situations you will need so many speeds. The drivetrain has a Microshift push mechanism for really quick and soft shifting.

If we cross-compare the prices and features of similar bikes we can see that the quality/price ratio is skyrocketing over all other mountain bikes, as far as such a set of parameters tend to cost something like a thousand dollars!

By the way, this GMC bike has an awesome look and attracts lots of attention, especially if you drive in crowded places. Despite grey color, it is bright indeed, because of hardcore styling and extreme design.

The bike is pleasant and fun to ride in the trail and urban conditions. It feels light and durable, and the only thing you may need is the additional light for security and safety reasons.

GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

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AMAZON.COM  advertised BICYCLE BUYING GUIDE entitled FINDING THE RIGHT BIKE to avoid injuries and annoying circumstances. These are some of the tips:

The Ride-In general, bikes come into three main categories:

  • Racing and Road Bikes – they are constructed for longer distances and speed on paved and rough surfaces. Thinner tires, wheels that are lightweight 29-inch(700c)and drop bars allowing for a better and more fun aerodynamic biking.
  • Mountain Bikes – with the bigger tires they have, upright position and hill-friendly gearing they are very famous for all forms of bike riding both on tough and paved roads.
  • Comfort/cruiser bikes – this is designed for riding around light trails and beach-side lanes. These are the right bikes because they are known to provide an extra-relaxed riding.

The Price – the bikes’ prices boil into three essentials such as:

  • Bike weight
  • Frame materials
  • Quality, component, and durability

The Size – fit is important for control, comfort, endurance, and proper power on a bike. Here are some of the basic fit tips:

  • Stand over-height – determines the amount of clearance you’ll need between the crotch and the bike’s top tube. Compare and contrast the stand-over height for bike to your measurements in order to identify the height.
  • Top tube length – you can also measure the torso in order to get the right estimate of the top tube’s length. Make a fist and lengthen your arms then measure the fist’s center to the end of your collarbone. Next, measure the torso by simply putting a book against your crotch with the spine facing an upward position. Measure your spine to the bottom of the throat. Lastly, add two measurements and simply divide the number by two and reduce six inches.
  • Bikes for women – women should have shorter torso and longer legs as compared to men. Good thing, you can also find various of these GMC bikes in the market.

Product description:

  • 160 mm disk brakes
  • Microshift TS-50 ADII shifters
  • 26-inch aluminum frame with dual suspension
  • Zoom CH-386 fork with travel of 65 mm
  • Alloy black V-rims


  • String and light frame
  • Efficient disc brakes
  • Smooth gear shifters
  • Wheels designed for tough trail
GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

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In conclusion, we highly recommend this mountain bike with maximum possible output for a comparably low price. Taking these features altogether we receive a wonderful bike with nice extreme styling, disc brakes and comfortable appliances like full suspension and smooth drivetrain. In addition to a light aluminum frame, this bike is a great solution that can be purchased at an unbelievably low price.

These are some of the best product descriptions of Mountain Bikes so buy it now!

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