Dahon Folding Bike Reviews

Dahon Folding Bike Review – Dahon Speed D8 Folding Bike Review

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Dahon Speed D8 Folding Bike Review – 2020

The Dahon Speed D8 folding bike is a versatile and incredibly fun option highly suitable for today’s city dwellers. It’s one of the most popular models from Dahon, the premier brand when it comes to folding bicycles. Read on to find out why!

The best thing about DAHON SPEED D8 FOLDING BIKE  is the combination of great performance and terrific value for money. The frame is The Speed D8 Folding Bike’s frame is built from a Lightweight 4130 Cro Mo and a Lattice Forged Hinge with Vise-grip Technology which is lightweight and sturdy. The Speed D8 stiff frame rigid steering and comfy tires are uncompromising, even on the worst roads. With eight speeds of versatility, this bicycle was designed to trek anywhere.  It is ideal for multi-modal urban transportation – from bus to train to boat and more. The bike features a sturdy and stylish design that folds in under 15 seconds so you can pack it up and bring it. It is perfect for the urban cyclist.

Dahon Folding Bike Reviews
Dahon Speed D8 Folding Bike

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Features of Dahon Speed Folding Bike – D8 Model

  • The Speed D8 Folding Bike’s frame is built from a Lightweight 4130 Cro Mo and a Lattice Forged Hinge with Vise-grip Technology: lightweight yet sturdy!
  • FUSION TECHNOLOGY: The adjustable handle-post features Forged Alloy Radius Telescope 
  • CUSTOM V-BRAKES: are built of stainless link anchor and pivot bolts
  • WHEELS: 20-inch Lightweight Aluminium Double Wall with CNC and Schwalbe Road Cruiser
  • SMOOTH RIDING FORK: is built with Stable Hi-Ten Steel Blades and Steerer
  • Folding time: under 15 seconds
  • Carrying weight: 34.2 pounds
  • Folding size: 32.5 x 11.5 x 25 inches

Dahon Speed D8 Folding Bike Review – Fun, sporty at a moderate price

The Dahon D8 Speed folding bike is an ideal choice for your urban transportation needs, where the terrain is relatively flat or gently sloping. It folds in just under fifteen seconds into an extremely compact package and thanks to its Lightweight 4130 Cro Mo and a Lattice Forged Hinge with Vise-grip Technology, it is ultra-portable and versatile.

If you live in an apartment with limited space, then this folding bike is perfect. Need to change from car to bike during your work commute? No problem! Its small size ensures you can transport it hassle-free.

The wheels of the Dahon Speed D8 are relatively small compared to other models, but they are built for speed and provide a smooth ride even when riding over small potholes on the ground. Whether you need a short, leisurely ride to your favorite cafe or to explore the neighborhood you’d just moved into, or you’re looking for a decidedly higher-intensity workout over a longer distance, this bike will suit your riding needs.

There are a lot of benefits to the Dahon Speed D8 Folding Bike for the urban commuter or the leisure cyclist not least of which is the ease of folding and the space-saving you achieve. It can easily fold under a desk and you can get a carrying case for it as well. It can fold into the boot of your car and taken out to explore the countryside-great for getting fit and the fact that the frame is stiff means that there is little give in it and you won’t waste your energy.

Some reviewers have suggested that the Dahon speed d8 is practically bombproof and as one of the best selling folding bikes with an awesome reputation, that doesn’t appear to be wide of the mark.

No doubt about it this is a stylish well made and low hassle bike that gives you a great bang for your buck.

We’ve looked at how the Dahon Speed D8 folding bike can be a suitable choice for busy urbanites with limited storage space in their home apartments. Admittedly, this bike is not a great choice if you’re looking to do marathon rides or ride steep hills. However, for basic everyday city commutes, the Dahon Speed D8 is a great choice at a great price.

Dahon Folding Bike Reviews
Dahon Speed D8 Folding Bike

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Where to Buy Your Dahon D8

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