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Indeed, there are many great manufacturers that have been producing great folding bikes in the market. If you want to find the best one, it might be better for you to go look for the best selling folding bikes. You see, among them, there is even one that is considered to be the best of all. Yes, the one that is known for being the world’s best selling folding bike is Dahon Folding Bike. What makes it so by the way?

Sure, Dahon Folding Bicycle is known as the world’s best selling one because of some reason. Being the bestseller, there is more meaning to it. You see, Dahon manufacturer has its experience of producing folding bikes for more than 25 years already. Dahon Folding Bike is known for being comfortable and reliable. Well, it might have a simple design, indeed. However, it is not a downside to it. Instead, it is what is important here.

Unexpected Benefits

While in the beginning Dahon bikes were designed to help the environment and cut down on our reliance on foreign oil, Dahon bicycles ended up supplying unexpected benefits that Dr. Hon simply did not foresee. Many city dwellers liked the idea of having a bike for short trips around the city however, having a bike in the city often meant leaving the bicycle outside chained to a bike rack. That meant that there was a good chance that your bike was going to be stolen leaving you without a bike or the money it cost. A Dahon bicycle, however, meant that these urban dwellers could now take their bicycles into their apartments and store them in their closets where they were safer than remaining out on the street.

With more and more people beginning to understand the need for living a healthier lifestyle riding a bike to and from work became an effective way of keeping fit without taking time out of a busy day to visit a gym. It also meant that free time could be spent enjoying that park across the city or even in the next state.

The more Dahon bicycles grew in popularity the better the bicycles became. Now you can purchase a folding bike whether you ride in the urban city, pedaling down country roads or want to spend a weekend mountain bike riding. These folding bikes are designed for every style of riding and can go practically anywhere.

With so many Dahon bicycles to choose from it is easy to find one that is right for you so why not check out this great line of bikes for yourself? Once you see one of these bikes they will be hard to resist.

Why? It is because its simplicity allows us to fold it up quickly. There are just some simple steps to follow. Furthermore, it is also known for being small enough in size. You can bring it on public transportation or even store it in the car trunk. Dahon Folding Bike has various size options, ranging from the tiny 16” wheel bike to the full size one. Not to mention, it is ensured to be able to last for a long time as well.

So, are you a fan of Dahon’s folding bikes? Well, its folding bikes have always been the best seller ones in the market. It proves that Dahon’s bikes meet the quality that people have always been expecting from a folding bike. You see, the thing that people might expect the most from such a bike is for it to be lightweight to move and store everywhere. So, in this folding bike review, I will tell you three lightweight folding bikes from Dahon that are worth taking into account.

Dahon Boardwalk D7 Folding Bike

While you may not find the Dahon Boardwalk under the boardwalk you may just find a dozen of them on the boardwalk being ridden by people who enjoy spending time out of doors. Dahon is the largest manufacturer of folding bicycles in the world. Their companies 15% rule states that each new year’s line up of bicycles is to be 15% better than last year’s models. This makes this company unique in a time when most companies are making cheaper and cheaper products and charging more and more for them. The Dahon D7 is just one bike in the Dahon companies line up of great folding bicycles. This bicycle is one of their more inexpensive models running.

Dahon Boardwalk D7

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Features of Dahon Boardwalk D7:

The Dahon Boardwalk 7 has may great features here are just a few that make this bike special.

  • Magnetix latch system holds the bike together when it is folded
  • 7 speeds
  • weighs a mere 27.5 pounds
  • folds up small enough to fit in the trunk of a car
  • takes 15 seconds to fold

According to the Dahon official site the boardwalk D7 is one of the best selling folding bikes of all time. Judging by a quick search of the Internet this statement seems to be true. It seems like almost everyone who owns a folding bike, owns a D7. In fact, people who already owned other folding bikes purchased this one and state this is their most used bike.

Dahon Mariner D8 Folding Bike

As the name implies, the Dahon Mariner D8 Folding Bike is perfect for storage on a boat, where space is severely limited. It’s built to be rust-resistant, so your sea adventures won’t hinder your land adventures later on. Read on to find out more!

Dahon Mariner D8 Folding Bike

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Features of Dahon Mariner D8:

  • Wheel Size: 20″ – Schwalbe Citizen tires 20 x 1.6
  • Weight: 11.8kg (26lbs)
  • Folded Size: 65 x 32 x 79cm
  • Frame: Lightweight Dalloy Sonus Tubeset, Lattice Forged Hinge w/ V-Clamp Technology
  • 8-speed Shimano FT35 Rear Derailleur
  • Alloy Radius Telescope with Fusion Technology handlebar
  • Folds in under 15 seconds
  • Product Dimensions33 x 12.2 x 25.6 inches

The main feature that separates the Dahon Mariner D8 from other folding bikes is its high resistant to rust. Designed specifically with boaters in mind, the bike is coated with a rust-resistant layer to withstand sea breezes.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s limited to just boaters. With its sleek design and compact folding size at a mid-range price, it’s also ideal for non-boaters looking for a compact, easy-to-fold bike for their daily commuting needs.

Ultimately, if you’re a boater looking for a bike you can switch to when you call at a port, you can’t go wrong with the Dahon Mariner D8 folding bike. While not rust-proof, it has been specially designed to be highly rust-resistant, so with just a little care and maintenance, you can be assured that your seafaring ways won’t negatively affect your land transport. Its sleek and compact package ensures you can fit it into the smallest of boat holds.

Dahon Formula S18 Folding Bike

Dahon Folding Bike Formula S18

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Features of Dahon Formula S18:

  • 18 speed Shimano Drivetrain 
  • Classic frame and latch for ultra durability
  • WTB double-wall rims with Black stainless spokes and Schwalbe high-pressure tires
  • AVID high-performance mechanical disc brakes
  • High-speed commuter 

Let me give you one example of Dahon Folding Bike then. What I am going to tell you here is about Dahon Formula S18. It is a fast, tough type one for it is made and designed specifically for tough journey that needs speed, portability, and endurance. Of course, it is built with high-end components. Thus, it is possible to shift smoothly. It has excellent brake power and is pretty much low maintenance as well.

This Dahon model sounds great, don’t you think? It features 18 speeds for hills and flats, powerful disc brakes, super-fast Schwalbe Kojak tires, 24.5lbs weight, and coolest folder. You can say that durability and speed are what matter the most from this Dahon Folding Bike. It is true that it is not that lightweight compared to the standard lightweight folding bikes. However, it has a quality like normal unfolded bikes. It is worth to consider.

Dahon Vybe C7A Folding Bike

Dahon Folding Bike Vybe D7

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Features of Dahon Vybe C7A:

  • 7 Speed Shimano
  • Folded Size: 67 x 34 x 83cm 
  • Rider Height 142 – 193 cm.
  • Rider Weight 105 kg (230 lbs)

The first one that I want to start within this folding bike review is Dahon Vybe C7A. Well, speaking about its comfortability, reliability, durability, and other abilities, you don’t have to question it for Dahon has always been having expertise about such a thing. If not, it wouldn’t have broken the hit in the market as the best seller. It is the bike’s weight we are talking about here, so I will tell you that this bike weighs for 25.26lbs.

Sure, there are many other folding bikes that are even lighter than that. However, I said it already earlier in this folding bike review that it is worth to consider. It is because it can be folded up to 11.8”x31.5”x26” in just a few seconds. Coming with 7 gears, this bike has a modern design and is made sturdy. It is also known for its Dahon Neos rear derailleur to avoid the bike from snagging on the ground. It is a pretty interesting bike to be discussed in this fold-up bike review.

Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike

Dahon Folding Bikes NEW Speed Uno, 20 In. Wheel Size

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Features of Dahon Speed Uno:

  • Specs:Wheel Size: 20″Weight: 11.9 kg (26 lbs)
  • Folded Size: 65 x 29 x 80cm (25.6 x 11.4 x 31.4)
  • Frame: Strong and Stable Riding
  • Hi-Ten Steel frame

If you want to get the one that is a bit lighter, I suggest you choose Dahon Speed Uno. Well, the weight is not too far apart though for this bike weighs just over 11.9 kg (26 lbs) and it is known as one of the most lightweight ones in the U.S. market. Speaking about its body design, I would say in this folding bike review that this bike is pretty minimalist. It does not have flashy design whatsoever. However, this bike still looks good even in its minimal and simple design.

It has the value and quality as an excellent folding bike. With such a design, it will be nice transportation for commuters, campers, and caravaners. Furthermore, it is also designed to have a single speed with a rear coaster brake. See? This fold-up bicycle review has proved that this bike sure is good to consider. Now then, are you convinced enough with this folding bike review? Choose one of those bikes and you will be satisfied with it.

These are some of the best product descriptions of Dahon Folding Bicycles so buy it now!

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