Cycling in the big cities

Cycling in the big cities

Nowadays a large number of townspeople choose the bicycle for their city life in order to protect the environment and economize money. Moreover, some of them are aware of this means can reduce traffic jams in rush hours and regrettable accidents. Therefore, how to cycle safely in the heavy traffic condition in the big cities today is becoming an interesting issue. Below are the basic steps to ride a bike in the modern and big city:

1. Plan route

This is the most necessary step because you can only perform your trip after you have identified where you will come. Before your trip, you should refer to google map or road maps to know all of the streets on your route even you can ask the bike-pro friend in order to make sure that you don’t be lost. Furthermore, using maps also help you select the shortest street to get destination due to there are all of the bikeways in maps.

2. Check your bicycle

If you don’t want to walk home with your bike or meet unexpected accidents, you should check your whole bike especially tires and brakes. For example, a kid runs out suddenly the middle of the public way to pick up its ball you must ensure that both you ride with appropriate speed and your brake is sensitive enough for you to brake timely.

3. Suit up

Besides checking your bicycle, don’t forget to prepare the important protective items: dress for the weather, helmet, elbow and knee pads in order to avoid happening unwanted accidents: serious head injury, legs, and arms abrasions, broken limbs. Most cyclists don’t care about these small protective objects because they think that the divers only need to equip them but they influence directly the life of any participant in traffic.

4. Implement strict traffic law

Mind the door zone: When participating in traffic, you are not only one on the road so you have to keep a safe distance with other vehicles like cars. On the public streets, there are always the available lanes that allow you to ride in a safe distance with other means but some new cyclists are distracted by the embarrassed and excited feeling of the first riding time so they cycle very close to the car door. For this reason, a lot of unfortunate accidents happened when plenty of drivers don’t pay attention so they open their car door.

Pay attention with turns: It is very difficult for some new cyclists to meet the turning because of their fear of the crowded city with the hasty townsfolk but this is very easy for you when you are confident and understand clearly the basic traffic laws. For instance, right-hand turn and left-hand turn are two different techniques. It is extremely simple for you to turn right-hand you just need to follow the corner but it is quite complex to turn left-hand you must show your hand and note the direction of other vehicles on the same street. In addition, you must also comply with other traffic rules as the standard left especially respecting pedestrians which means you need to stop cycling your bike behind the pedestrian crossing when you meet that traffic light changes into the red color in order to protect your life and others.

5. Be careful about the unexpected accidents

In spite of your careful preparation, it is very hard to avoid surprise situations so you need to handle keen these cases. For example, when you ride your bike on the difficult terrains, perhaps you will meet potholes so you should get the basic riding skills in order to overcome it rapidly and safely. You should also check that on your route, there is any bicycle repair shop in anticipation of your flat tire. Even you also need to lock your bike carefully though it takes you 5 minutes to buy a donut at the cake shop because of the theft situation in big cities. You shouldn’t think that a normal bike isn’t as worth as an expensive car so the thieves won’t pay attention. Actually, the bicycle parts are being offered at a high price at a good number of bike shops. Another important factor is that you should bring extra deodorant, wash-cloth, and T-shirt to have a wash after your long hard cycling. If you don’t want to make your friends and colleagues feel uncomfortable because of your sweat, you should bring these important things.

Don’t worry or fear how to bike in the big city with a great many means while yours is so small. You are just careful and confident like “eyes of tiger, the heart of lion and strength of the ox” city cycling is easier than you think. Let you perform as soon as your exciting cycling at the heart of the bustling metropolitan to become an intelligent person who knows not only utilize environmental-friendly vehicle but contribute to reducing congestion of the traffic as well.

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