Choosing the best bike for you – 7 steps - PERFORMANCE BIKE - PERFORMANCE BICYCLE Choosing the best bike for you – 7 steps - PERFORMANCE BIKE - PERFORMANCE BICYCLE

Choosing the best bike for you – 7 steps

Choosing the best bike for you – 7 steps

Do you want to take part in the interesting cycling activity – one of the most popular sport today but you haven’t selected the fit one yet? I advise you not to opt for any bike until you read all of the following tips because you can spend a large amount of money for an unsuitable bike without these tips.

1. Your budget

This is the first tip that should be considered. Not the most expensive bicycle is the best one for you, the most appropriate bike is to fit your fund and needs. For example, if you only utilize it for cycling exercise in every morning, you can purchase an affordable bike with normal functions. When you see the best one but it is very expensive for you to buy, you are able to wait till this store discounts on a special holiday.

2. Extra costs

What are the extra costs? This is the part of the cost for protective materials such as helmet, gloves, road shoes, pedals, and glasses. You must get these items when deciding to buy a bicycle because it is going to keep you away from unwanted accidents: serious head injury, broken limbs, graze. Thus, let you add this sum of money into the total money for the bicycle. If the expenditure is in the ability to pay, you can consider other tips. It is very dangerous to purchase a bike without buying protective matters.

3. Tools

Besides the protecting objects, don’t forget to buy some tools in order to support you yourself repair your bikes such as a puncture repair kit, lock, lights, tire levers or a track pump. This preparation will help you save a small amount of money when meeting simple problems. For instance, you are able to pump up its tires yourself with your track pump.

4. Maintenance

This is still a matter of your finance. Most of the cyclists have chosen to spend $100 per year for maintenance of the bike’s parts as a couple of cheap tires, a new chain, a couple of sets of brake blocks and some workshop labor. Why do you spend a great many money on it while you yourself can do it? This will help you economize the budget for the useful objects above.

5. Local bike shops

This is a helpful tip. You ought to buy the bicycle at a local bike shop in order to create a favorable condition for the warranty and other services. Moreover, you had better also choose a store which can deliver to your home free due to no one wants to be incurred the extra expenses except the cost for necessary things above. Also, you shouldn’t buy bike in the internet because of the best deals. In spite of its deals, it is very hard to return the wrong bicycle. In case, you don’t get a large quantity of time, you can look for reliable websites to purchase with a person who is knowledgeable about the bike to check it for you.

6. Choosing a frame and gear system

After choosing the reliable bike store, you ought to know how to opt for the right bicycle. The frame part needs to be considered first. Depending on the frame’s price so there are a good number of different materials: alloy, steel, aluminum or carbon. The most common materials are steel and aluminum about $300 but aluminum is more dominant than steel. The price of carbon frame is more $1000. However, steel is the most durable material due to you don’t need to take care of it too much. Another important part is a gear system with its different models. If you choose 3 and 14 gears model, you will add the weight and cost for your bicycle. Another choice is a derailleur gear system. It is utilized everywhere because it is equipped with 30 gears so it helps you reduce costs. Although it is more light than others, it requires regular maintenance.

7. Get the size right and test bike

On the bike market today, there are a variety of designs and sizes so it is quite difficult to opt for the appropriate bicycle to your body. The best way is to sit on it. When your legs can touch the ground and your arms are able to put the bars freely, that is the best one for you.

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