Can You Lose Weight On An Exercise Bike

Can You Lose Weight On An Exercise Bike

Stop Compulsive Eating And Lose Weight

Compulsive eating would be a point of concern for many, it is a condition when a person eats a large amount of food over a short period, till he is full, yet he is not fully satisfied. It is a continuous craving for food but not being able to find the right kind of food to satisfy hunger. It is a feeling of void, which fills with the feeling of comfort he gets from eating. The common reason for this is anxiety, depression, boredom, stress, however, you cannot pinpoint any one problem.

The best way to overcome compulsive eating is to change your thinking pattern and accept, and learn to deal with your feelings. Here are some of the ways to work on your compulsive eating so that you finally control your increasing weight.

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Help helps:

Get some help from friends, doctors, family, or any organization that deals with this problem. Let those close to you know that you are keen on changing your eating habits and ask for support from them.

Exercise Bike

Catch the reason:

Identify the reason why you eat. This is the fastest way to lose weight for a compulsive eater. Every time you reach out for a candy bar or chocolate, stop to think, why you want to eat it. Ask yourself do you really need to eat it. Are you hungry or it is just stress and depression? Know what triggers you to reach for food, is it followed by any incident. This will tell you what you need to change in your life, your attitude. You can also search for some fastest weight loss diet; keep a watch on what you eat.

Craving study:

Study what you eat and have a craving to eat. If you eat more foods rich in sugar, fat, and salt. The body craves for more of these foods to feel good. Soon, the body will ask for larger amounts of these foods. This is an endless cycle, which makes you overeat. Try to break this cycle. Monitor your diet. Next time you crave to eat something, sweet eat fruit instead of chocolate. Replace the fattening foods with healthy food. This way craving for food will be satisfied with healthy food.

Scheduling your diet:

Schedule your diet. Instead of grabbing food randomly, make a schedule of your meals, and stick to it. Remember, eating small meals each day keeps your stomach full for a longer time and keeps your energy levels up.


Cook and pack your own meals. Eating in restaurants leads to overeating. Food is generally fried, sauteed in butter, covered with sauces and the portions are more than an average person should consume.

Share it:

Share your feelings; this will keep you from overeating. It is time you express your feelings. Talking to your family, friends, or seeing a counselor will surely help. You will not feel the need to overeat if you let the feelings out.


Find out ways to release the stress in your life. Everyone is stressed with their daily lives. Stress wears the body out and exhausts it of valuable vitamins and minerals. It leaves you craving for more food. If your work is stressful, talk to your seniors to lighten off the load a little. Relax by way of being at home with your family or engaging in sport. Exercise does wonders to cut on food. It also reduces stress levels. Take a walk or go to the gymnasium, ride a bike, or play Frisbee. Find out ways for your body to burn the excess flab and calories. The brain releases feel-good endorphins so you will not crave for and depend on fattening food in order to experience that feeling of overall well-being.

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