The Essential Protection Gear For BMX Riders and Jump Biking

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The Essential Protection Gear For BMX Riders and Jump Biking

If you are looking to get involved in the sport of BMX riding and are concerned about what type of protective gear you will need to avoid any costly injuries, then check out the essential protective gear for BMX riders below.

The first thing that you want to have if you plan on doing any kind of bike riding, BMX or not, is a quality helmet. When looking for a right helmet for your personal needs you want to take into consideration what kind of terrain you will be riding on, and how much protection you will need to keep you from injuring your head. Wearing a helmet is the difference between getting a slight headache from a fall, and being hospitalized, so be sure to find a proper fitting one before you begin your rides.

After taking into account the protection of your head, you want to look into protecting your connecting bones that are your elbows and knees with elbow and knee pads. There are several different brands of basic padding that you can purchase, but when looking to protect your knees and elbows it is essential that you get a hard plastic-type of pad that completely covers the areas. Similar to the difference between getting a headache and getting hospitalized with a helmet, wearing elbow and knee pads can be the difference between getting a slight bump or losing full functionality of one of your limbs, so be sure to take elbow and knee pads seriously.

Moving from knee and elbow pads in the line of essential gear to gloves you will find that a good quality pair of gloves is essential in the case that you ride on rocky terrain. Whenever you fall off of your bike the first thing you will find yourself doing is bracing your body with your hands first. When falling onto rocky terrain you will find rocks and dirt can become embedded in the palm of your hands, so be sure to find a properly fitting pair of gloves before your next dirt ride.

The final pieces of protective gear in the essential line up for BMX riders is often looked at as optional, being that they are an above the ankle covering pair of shoes, and a protective cap for all male riders. While these two items are not taken seriously, they can also mean the difference between a slight bruise and complete carnage, so be sure to ride fully protected. Overall if you are looking to get involved in BMX and want to keep your body free of injury, just check out the above guide on the essential protective gear for BMX riders.

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