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The choice of a mini motorcycle for adults or children is not easy. Unless you are a great connoisseur in the field, it is best to investigate and take the time before deciding.

The first thing to do before buying a minimoto is to identify the needs: a mini motocross for whom? A motorcycle for a child or an adult? A beginner or an expert? From this point, it is crucial to ensure that you acquire a minimoto that guarantees the safety of the pilot. And if you don’t know anything about mechanics, it’s better to be accompanied by someone who knows the world of motorcycle racing.

After having defined the user, it is also essential to identify the use of the motorcycle: whether it will be for competition, training equipment, recreational motorcycles, or means of transport within a circuit. Some models of children’s mini-cars are reserved for professionals, while others are designed to help children learn to drive two-wheelers.

A mini motorcycle for adults used as a means of transport, but only in authorized areas. It can also be used as a recreational vehicle but in suitable terrain conditions. It also noted that on the market, you could find mini electric motorcycles and models equipped with a gasoline engine.

The solution to choose a children’s motorcycle model or a small motocross for teenagers or adults is to rely on the relevant selection criteria. The brand can be decisive to support your decision better. There are brands for being less known, offer exceptional value for money, as we have seen above.


A minimoto of 50cc is perfect for a child. You have a wide variety of options: pocket bike, dirt bike 50cc, or others. A teenager or an adult usually prefer to ride a mini motorcycle of 125 or more: dirt bike 125cc, dirt bike 250cc, or a model with high performance.

Apart from this, an 80 cc motorcycle and a 50 cc motorcycle may be sufficient. These are educational categories and intended for children under 12 years. There are 80cc motorcycles that are not in the educational category and are suitable for children between 12 and 13 years. Children under six years of age should be considered to be happy with motorcycles.

Regarding the equipment, some precautions are taken. Driving a mini motocross requires specific accessories to limit the risks. The equipment is a helmet adapted to the user’s age and protections on the elbows and knees. Safety clothing is especially essential in the case of off-road practice.

When choosing the equipment, it is better to prioritize safety over aesthetics. However, nothing prevents you from looking for products that have good aesthetics and provide a high level of safety.


The mini-motorcycle brands are now numerous. Some brands offer different ranges of products, ranging from cheap mini-motorcycle to high-end miniature motorcycles for professionals. The price of the mini motorcycle can range from hundreds of euros to 3,000 euros.

Buying a cheap mini motorcycle is not risky as long as you have good judgment and common sense to choose. From 200 euros, you can access a minimoto of 50cc with a gasoline engine or electric model. These are mainly practical or recreational models. Moreover, they are easy to maintain and do not require more investment to start.

Between 500 and 1500 euros, you can buy a cheap motorcycle or engine displacements up to 150 cm3. From 1500 euros, athletes and motorcycle specialists can find the models that will make them happy.   

On the other hand, it is possible to transform a classic mini motorcycle model into a high-performance machine to compete. The price of a dirt bike can vary depending on the brand, model, and its qualities. It mainly established by the manufacturer based on the performance of the motorcycle.

If you are going to buy a brand mini motorcycle, it noted that some of the reference brands such as Tao, Apollo, X-Pro, SYX.

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