Bike Lock Tips

Bike lock tips

In big cities, theft status increases higher and higher especially bike theft situations today because a large number of bicycle shops buy the parts of a bike with high prices. Moreover, a lot of people love this environmentally friendly due to it helps not only reduce traffic jams at rush hours but improve the healthy human as well. If you don’t want your bike to become the next poor victim, you had better ensure that you never leave it until it takes you 2 minutes to read the tips below:

1. Select the appropriate location

Never lock your bicycle up things which can be broken, removed or taken away easily, spend 5 minutes in order to find the safest place for yours. Unless you look for a safe region, you are able to park in an area getting a camera. In case you can’t find any camera, please lock it at the place where has a good number of passers-by without parking in the deserted area. Another small tip is to lock your bicycle with others because thieves are able to take yours or other bikes.

2. Purchase the best bike lock

Don’t regret your money choosing a cheap and bad lock. In this case, though it helps you save a lot of money, you can lose a large amount of money when meeting a thief. If you don’t buy the best one, you should opt for a firm lock which can prolong the taking bike time of thieves.

3. Utilize an effective lock

The best lock is going to be a useless object if you don’t know how to lock the right way. You should consult the effective lock below to keep away the thieves. Lock frame, front and back wheel to the reliable object to protect your bicycle. For example, there were a good number of careless cyclists lost one of the important parts of the whole bicycle – wheels because of their wrong locking ways. You ought to know that a great many bike shops buy back these wheels with the high price so you have to know how to lock in the right ways which means the correct order. Do not utilize u-lock around the bike’s top tube due to a skilled thief is able to use the frame as a lever in order to open it.

4. Use more than a lock

For instance, the thieves must need to get 2 different tools in order to remove 2 different locks or at least it takes them to double removing time to do that. Therefore, don’t regret to spend small money on some extra locks. Most people will prepare two locks: d-lock and chain lock. In addition, fortunately for you, the thieves can find it very difficult to open both 2 locks so they leave or take other bikes.

5. Register your bike

You had better register your bicycle due to the registered means is paid attention less than others. Furthermore, there is a sticker on each registered bicycle in order to prove it so you can feel secure completely that this sticker not only demonstrates its registration but is a sign to warn any thief against taking it. They are going to be the wonder whether or not they get the trouble when stealing yours. In case, you haven’t set your mind at rest yet, you ought to utilize a bike spike. This is GPS technology which is used to locate your bike position on a smartphone even you can share its location with others within a short time.

6. Remove all of the accessories

Making your bike of less attractive is also one of the great tips so that thieves make nothing of yours. However, how should you do to avoid their attention? You ought to remove some parts of your vehicle such as lights, seat and then take in your bag. I believe that no one would like to steal a bike without its saddle. However, you have to perform the fitting steps repeatedly.

Why do you still hesitate without purchasing some useful and safe locks for your favorite bike? Let you buy as soon as the suitable locks to yours to become an intelligent cyclist who knows both use the environment-friendly vehicle and protect this means by necessary tips above.

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