Best Roof Bike Rack Reviews in 2020

Roof Bike Racks – Perfect for Mountain Ride

The need for a Bike Rack

Almost all the active kids, youths and adults to some extend would like to take their bike along in their vehicles when they go for a picnic, outings and recreational sports activities or simply for a drive to the beach or mountains. This extension in your vehicles makes it easy to carry your bike where ever you go and reduce the expenses that you spend on hiring a bike.

Types of Bike Racks

If you are planning to shop for a bike rack, first understand a bit about it, as you are going to invest more than a hundred dollars for that purpose. Spend some time online to find out the information and options in bike rack types so that you can pick the one which fills your bill. There are two types of popular bike racks available. One is the Roof Bike Rack and another is the Rear Bike Racks. Depending upon your car model and the bike model you can pick anyone from these two.

Advantages of Roof Bike Racks

Although rear bike racks can be fitted easily with any type of vehicle, roof bike racks are preferred when driving to mountain areas. Besides the many other advantages of roof bike racks, it is the less mobility of the bike when placed on the top of the car makes it popular. Even though the terrain is not even and smooth, the bikes do not get damaged due to the ups and downs on the road. Because the set up for placing the bikes at the roof is secured and well fitted so that only minimal movement during driving is guaranteed. The proper fitting to mount the bike on the top ensures that it does not fall down over the bumps and pits. So it is ideal to choose a roof bike rack as it serves a versatile purpose.

Best Roof Bike Rack Reviews

A roof bike rack normally costs a reasonable price. Roof racks and raises are the two kinds of racks that are available in the market. These types of cycle racks are added as an extension to your vehicle; you place your cycles on them. That’s the reason it is known as a cycle rack. Purchasing a rear holder or a top rack depends on the type of vehicle you own and the type of bike you ride. All bike racks, in particular, the rear racks can be placed on any type of car. These racks are very well designed so that these can be used by every model and it looks great. On the other hand, if you own a car that is so special and if any of those racks do not fit, then go and talk to your dealer to know if there is any rack that suits your bicycle. Generally, only big companies manufacture such racks and automobiles.

Top racks are normally used to increase mountain bikes. The benefit of designing a roof rack is that there is less movement when bicycles are raised. These racks are perfect if used on uneven land. Cycles are kept very securely and you no need to worry about it falling down as your car goes bump after bump. The disadvantage of the holder is that the height of the car increases drastically. It means that you need to have an eye on top of your car at the time of driving. There are few places for car parking where the levels are limited and your car will not be able to pass through it.

Thus, if you own a bicycle a rear rack seems to be a perfect choice. But the usage of these cars with racks should be used on a normal road.

1). Thule Upride Roof Bike Rack 

The Thule Upride Roof Bike Rack brings a lot to the table and it has become one of our favorite bike racks. One of the things you would expect from a high-quality bike rack is that it would accommodate just about anything for a bicycle. Most avid cyclists either own a wide variety of bicycles or ride with friends who have different styles of bicycles and need the versatility to be able to carry just about anything.

Thule Upride Roof Bike Rack

Another nice feature of the Thule Upride Roof Bike Rack is a simple interface for switching carrier from one side of your car to the other that you can literally load your bike in about 10 seconds, so once the ride is done, you can load up and be gone quickly. Simply place your bike in the rack tray, lock the support arm onto the bicycle wheel, ratchet it tight and you are ready to go. Whether you ride a road bike, mountain bike or something in between, the Upride Roof Bike Rack can accommodate it and keep your bike safe and secure. The ratcheting arm mounts directly to the rock-solid Thule square load bars.

Security is not an issue as you can lock your bicycle to the carrier and the carrier to the base rack using an add-on Thule lock but this is NOT included with the rack. This would be a nice touch for Thule to include with these roof racks but unfortunately, they do not. Our experience with the Thule 594 Sidearm is that the bikes are mounted quite solidly and exhibit very little swaying at all. Loading is super simple and the rack will easily accommodate wheels up to 20-29″ tall and 3 inches wide (up to 5″ with Thule UpRide Fat Bike Adapter, sold separately), which covers just about anything on the trail today.

Thule Upride Roof Bike Rack

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Products’ Features:

  • No bike frame contact, for fast and secure mounting and maximum frame protection.
  • Versatile design accommodates bikes with non-traditional frame designs, rear suspension, and bottle cages
  • Fits most 20-29″ wheel bicycles with tires up to 3″ wide
  • Locks the bike to the bike rack and the bike rack to the vehicle (locks sold separately)
Thule Upride Roof Bike Rack

Who Should Buy a Thule Upride Roof Bike Rack

This rack is a great choice for someone wanting the quality that Thule brings to the table combined with the simplicity of this particular rack design. Some riders have some concern with having a roof mounted rack but they have their pros and cons. The concern typically centers around driving into your garage with the bike mounted on the rack or possibly through a drive-through of some kind etc. Valid concern maybe but the pros are also many. Roof mount racks keep the bike up and out of harm’s way, it makes accessing your vehicle compartment much easier than a hitch mounted rack so it’s basically a trade-off. We’ve come to grow quite fond of roof mounted racks but it’s a decision that only you can make. If you are looking for a high-quality roof mounted rack, then we’d definitely endorse the Thule Upride Roof bike rack as the one you should take a look at.

Thule Upride Roof Bike Rack

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2) SportRack SR4883 Upshift Roof Mount Upright Bike Carrier

The SportRack SR4883 Roof mounted Upright Bike Rack is designed for a single bike, not for everyone. It takes a bit of energy to hoist your cycle up there and get it secured. But for those with the muscle to do that, a roof unit provides other benefits that make them a great choice for many bike riders. The SportRack SR4883 showcases those benefits in a quality rack that does exactly what it is supposed to do. First, this rack is easy to install. The skewer locks tighten nicely on any OEM or aftermarket crossbars, and no tools are required. Secondly, any bike will fit onto its tray, regardless of the wheelbase length or tire dimension. Wheel tray holds bike securely during transit.

SportRack SR4883 Upshift Roof Mount Upright Bike Carrier 

Thirdly, on the roof means out of the way. Lots of riders haul their bikes through town, to city parks or to ride the street scene. And they don’t want a bike in the rearview mirror obscuring their view while attempting to change lanes in traffic. The SportRack SR4883 Upshift Roof Mount Bike Carrier is an affordable bike transport solution that delivers on all these fronts with a rack that is made with high-quality materials and will hold your ride secure in its nicely padded, lockable grip. It allows users to haul their bikes atop their roof rack without having to remove its front tire. It provides maximum stability and protection through a variety of features.

SportRack SR4883 Upshift Roof Mount Upright Bike Carrier

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Product’s Features:

  • an adjustable upright support element with an ergonomic locking knob
  • universal mounting hardware
  • an adjustable wheel tray and locking functionality
  • Lock included securing the bike to the carrier
  • tool-free installation and a premium black finish
  • Fits on SportRack Roof Rack Systems, square, round and most factory roof racks

Who Should Use the SportRack SR4883 Upshift Roof Mount Upright Bike Carrier

The SportRack SR4883 Roof mounted Upright Bike Rack will be most appreciated by urban riders who want the benefits of a roof mounted rack. And the design means you don’t have to remove the front wheel to lock the forks. That’s a hassle you can live without, and this unit will still keep your bike secure.

SportRack SR4883 Upshift Roof Mount Upright Bike Carrier

Sportrack Bike Racks Online on Amazon

3) Yakima Viper Bike Rack Review

The Yakima Viper is described as the company’s “mid-level” roof-mounted bike rack. The price point is lower than the King Cobra’s, but performance is not sacrificed a bit. Made with the same high-quality materials and industrial paint coatings, the Viper delivers features that make it a favorite among roof rack enthusiasts. The ergonomic design allows for easy, no-tool installation and single hand tightening of the skewer, which helps as you keep your ride in place with the other.

Once your bike is secured in the 39.5-inch tray, you can forget about it till you are ready to ride. The Viper will bite nicely on any factory-mounted crossbar, whether round or square and will allow room for 4 bikes on most vehicles. The system secures the front fork of your bike, providing superior security for trips to the park across town, or the National Park across the country.

This slender fork-style roof rack bike mount does the job for less.and the skewer design allows one-handed adjustment of the fork attachment.

Yakima Viper Bike Rack 

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Produce’s Features:

  • Simple tool-free installation and removal of the bike mount from your car roof rack
  • Skewer design allows one-handed adjustment
  • Streamlined tray compatible with most disc brakes and doesn’t touch the painted surfaces of your bike
  • Lockable skewer that keeps your bike safe and sound (Yakima SKS Lock Cores sold separately).
  • Product Dimensions:47 x 7.2 x 2 inches ; 5.4 pounds
  • The tool-free installation is simple.

Who Should Buy a Yakima Viper Bike Rack?

The Yakima Viper will appeal to cyclists who prefer a roof rack system that doesn’t get in the way of vehicle storage compartments. And the fork-secured design offers a greater degree of safety for your bike. Families with a wide variety of bikes, from roadsters to mountain bikes, will appreciate the full range of tire widths the Viper bike tray can accommodate. This rack delivers affordable quality and reliability in every mount!

Yakima Viper Bike Racks Online on Amazon

4) Yakima Raptor Bike Rack Review

Like all savvy manufacturers, Yakima provides a range of products that offers something for every budget. The Yakima Raptor is the most affordable upright roof rack in their inventory but maintains the quality and durability the line is known for. It’s still a Yak, after all.

The tray on the Raptor is a generous 52 inches, suitable for just about every cycle on the market. The tray secures nicely to any round or square roof crossbar and will keep your bike up and off the roof, protecting the vehicle’s paint job. The ratchet straps are firm and durable, and snug front and back wheels easily. The Raptor grabs your bike upright with an armature that can get a good grip on down tubes up to three inches in diameter, including non-round versions. Keep the hardware, nuts, and bolts clean and grease and rust should not be an issue.

Yakima Raptor Bike Rack

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Product’s Features:

  • FITS MOST BIKES: Fits 1″ to 3″ diameter downtubes
  • Fits Yakima round, square, factory, or aerodynamic bars
  • Lightweight construction and a streamlined profile
  • RaptorAero is as easy to use as it is unassuming
  • Tool-free installation
  • SKS (Same Key System) locks (sold separately) can be added to lock your bike to the mount and the mount to the base rack
  • Weight: 7.40 lbs. Dimensions: L 52.00 in x W 9.00 in x H 25.50 in.

Who Should Buy a Yakima Raptor Bike Rack?

This may be the right rack for you if you are price conscious, need a good quality, basic unit, and prefer to mount on the roof. If you like your rack to be out of the way while loading your vehicle’s storage compartments, this is an extra bonus.

One note of caution: Yakima specifies that this unit is not to be used with bikes sporting a composite down tube. It that applies you, try the Boa or Cobra from Yakima.

Yakima Raptor Bike Racks for Sale on Amazon

5) Yakima BOA Bike Rack Review

The number one concern when considering a roof-mounted bike rack is the security of the cycles on the rack. Out of sight is not out of mind – just the opposite! But with the Yakima Boa, consumers are finding out they really can turn their bikes over to the Boa and forget them.

Yakima BOA Bike Rack

The Boa is Yakima’s most affordable system, composed of a rear tire tray and a front fork skewer that locks easily. Both fit any factory crossbars, round or square, and the tire tray pivots to create flexibility while you load other bikes or cargo onto the roof. This Boa is happy to squeeze tires of all widths, from road slicks to knobbed chubbies. And the unit fits crossbars from 32 to 50 inches apart, so if that describes your vehicle, this is a great choice. Since the two units comprising the system are very small and uninstall quickly, they can be removed and stored with ease before you hit the road, trail or mountainside.

Yakima Boa Fork Mount Short Tray Rooftop Bicycle Rack

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Product’s Features:

  • Pivoting wheel tray fits crossbar spreads 32″ to 50″
  • Doesn’t touch the painted surfaces of your bike
  • Fits round or square crossbars and great Yakima MegaWarrior or LoadWarrior Cargo Baskets
  • Secures your bike with a long-throw skewer and a pivoting short wheel tray.

Who Should Buy a Yakima Boa Bike Rack

The cyclist who mainly transports their ride short distances will do very well with the Boa. Because it does not feature a long tray like other Yak’s, it may not provide the same stability on long trips or over tough roads. But because of the price and convenience, great installation and storage features, this unit adorns the roofs of bikers everywhere.

Yakima Boa Bike Racks for Sale on Amazon

Please go through the performance bike shop for reviews of the product to gain more insight into the product. You can also buy this bike carrier directly from the official product website.

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