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Best Hybrid Bike Reviews – Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike from the best hybrid bike review

A perfect bicycle is hard to come by. Each one of us has different needs but some of the needs are very basic when it comes to a bicycle. The ideal bike is lightweight, easy to handle and attractive. The Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike may be the perfect bike for any rider.

This bike has a unique suspension saddle-style seat which provides extra padded comfort. The swept-back handlebars allow easy maneuvering. The rims are made from an alloy, making the bike strong and weightless and allowing for a quick release. This bike is also loaded with the Shimano 21 gear speed rear derailleur composed of SRAM, plus EZ-Fire shifters for fast shifting. Being this is fast, it is only natural that it is stocked with a linear-pull brake system.  Any bike fan will recognize that these specifications are special.

Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike from the best hybrid bike:

Pros & Cons

  • 1. Easy to assemble: Even without instructions you can assemble the bike in an easy manner.
  • 2. With the seven-speed drivetrain, riders are fine for moderate hills.
  • 3. The bike has fenders with it and the luggage rack seems solid.
  • 1. The wheel fenders are made of plastic and easy to be broken.

Features of Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike from the best hybrid bike:

Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike
  1. Schwinn steel hybrid frame.
  2. Suntour suspension fork offers comfortable and efficient riding.
  3. Schwinn quality padded saddle and suspension seat post do a good job in shock absorbing.
  4. Micro shift 21-speed twist shifters with Shimano rear derailleur for precise gear shifting, riders can change gears fast and easily.
  5. Front and rear alloy V brakes stop securely
  6. Alloy wheels
  7. Sofy hybrid seat with springs

Pros and Cons of Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike from the best hybrid bike:


This bike is readily available all over the world and for those in the United States, shipping is free. Should the bike be damaged or in need of repairs, the Schwinn group of companies has an excellent support and distribution system. Many customers say that the bike came out of the package exactly as it was marketed, with no bends or dents.

  1. The hybrid bike is easy to assemble even without instructions. The assembly only takes about 1 hour to complete.
  2. The bike is highly recommended for its good price and smooth ride.
  3. Seven gears are enough for moderate hills.
  4. The bike has fenders and the luggage rack is very solid.
  5. The cleaning process is also easy; a quick wipe down with a wet rag will make this bike spotless.
  6. The bike is not too flashy and the alloy rims make it classy and durable.
  7. The charcoal color won’t become dull and it shows very little dirt. Overall, the bike is versatile and its looks are perfect.
Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike

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Undeniably, the Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike also has some drawbacks.

This bike is only created for a single rider and is not spacious enough to transport any sort of luggage. This bike is also not made for riding on rough terrain. Its main purpose is for roads that are tarred and it is best to avoid riding in the dark. There is no compartment for light in the front and it is not factory fitted with rear reflectors. Even though the bike is easy to clean with a wet cloth, riding in muddy surfaces can cause the front and back to get extremely dirty due to lack of mudguards.

You may also need assistance in assembling it if you do not have adequate knowledge of assembling machines. The distributor can assemble the bike for you for an additional fee. This machine also comes with its own packaging and cannot be gift wrapped. Though this product has many great features, it also has some faults like any other product. Overall, though, you’ll likely find that this bike is a great machine and worth the effort and money.

A customer complained that the tires are crap, she ended up replacing the back tire seven month after bought the bike because it kept blowing quickly. However, she also spoke highly of the bike that the seven speeds are good for climbing slopes and is nice smooth with good look.

Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike

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Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike is suitable to people not only who are commuters, but also who want to ride around town or bike trail riding.

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