Best Electric Bike Reviews in 2020 – Tips On Choosing Electric Bicycles

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Best Electric Bike Reviews in 2020Tips On Choosing Electric Bicycles

With the recent problems that we face right now, such as the economy and the volatile gas price, the electric bicycle now offers a solution.  However, what is an electric bicycle?

As to perceive thoroughly best electric bicycle reviews, think about a basic pair of bicycle and add just 5 new elements to it: a motor, a battery, a controller, a charger, and a console, that is now what this thing all about. However, the pedals are also still here.

The usage of this bicycle is definitely so easy.  It is advantageous as of with a regular bicycle while eliminating one of the bicycle’s serious drawbacks, lack of power (speed and acceleration). In this, using this kind of bike is in its rapid growth. As estimated, there were roughly 120 million e-bikes in China as of early 2010, and sales are expanding rapidly in India, the United States of America, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Advantages of Electric Bicycle

These instances sprout out for a reason that many people prefer to ride electric bicycles because electric bicycles have many advantages. These are several bases:

  • Electric bicycles are environmentally friendly. These are powered by batteries so they don’t harm and pollute the environment.
  • Through e-bike, you can have a chance to exercise and become healthy. As electric cycles have pedals, you can get healthy exercise easily from bicycling.
  • These are faster than a normal bicycle so you will not be so exhausted when you reach your destination. Using this innovation is advantageous especially if you are in a hurry for it is much faster than pedaling a normal bike.
  • It is not expensive. Because of the increasing competition in the market, the price of an electric cycle is now affordable. Though riding an electric bike is a little more expensive than riding a normal bike, it is cheaper than driving a car. Electricity is cheap but gasoline is very expensive. So it is very cheap to ride electric bikes.
  • An electric bicycle is classified as a normal bicycle, so anyone can ride it.
  • In having this electric cycle, you do not need to buy a large garage to store it because it is is easy and cheap to park.
  • E-bikes spare parts are much available at bicycle stores, so if the electric bicycle is broken, you can simply send it to bike repair shops.
  • You can pedal the bike if the battery runs out.
  • You can avoid traffic jams because you can use cycle lanes when riding an electric bike. This can save you a lot of time. An advantage.
  • The battery is easy to be recharge.

There are many types of transportation on the market now, so you can choose the one that suits you best. So why not settle for this affordable, accessible, and environmental non-hazardous breakthrough, now.

What is an electric bicycle?

An electric bike or “e-bike” is a bicycle-powered by electricity, and essentially, has an electric motor used as power. This kind is meant to be thought of and used as a bicycle, not as a motorbike. It uses rechargeable batteries and can travel up to 15 to 20 miles per hour (24 to 32 km/h).

It is basically a regular bicycle but has a motor add-on. It can be attached in a lot of ways that makes it convenient for riders. A lot of people make use of this as a new form of transportation and also a much better way of getting around especially for people who are no used to travel long distances with loads.

The great thing about this kind of bike is that it can come with a rechargeable battery and some of these even come with regenerative braking that allows you to charge the battery whenever you hit the brakes. The electric bicycle is just like a regular bicycle so you can use the electric bicycle on the bike lane and it is legal to travel on most roads.

These bikes can assist cyclists and can run on an average of 10 miles per hours but some go more than 20 miles per hour, which is also the legal maximum speed. This vehicle can reach the 20 miles per hour mark when the rider uses the pedal as well to boost the velocity of the motor’s power. Riders are required to pedal in some instances because the electric bike is not meant to act as a regular motorcycle. And depending on the battery, terrain, and wind speed, a fully charged battery can last on several hours at a normal range of 10 miles. It is also important to take into consideration the weight and size of the battery.

There are tons of uses of this transportation such as the stress-free way of going to work and running errands. And for those who wish to go to a certain place that is not really that far away.

Why you should read/get or use of electric bicycle?

Bikes powered by electricity are meant to enhance human power and not actually to replace it. The electric assistance complements and not supplements human pedaling power.  Moreover, it requires next to zero maintenance on the electric components, it is a zero-emission vehicle, it makes you save money, it will cater you an exercise that somehow keeps you fit and it is safe especially in city traffic, you can accelerate fast enough and keep up with the cars.

The usage of this type of bicycle brought a real change in today’s busy, noisy, and polluted cities. This is the most efficient vehicle ever invented. It unites us, and also allows us to break away. This can transport us to places we would never see any other way. It is such an amazing opportunity. This brings back the experience to people who are for various reasons abandoned cycling from their life.

What’s inside the electric bicycle?

An electric bicycle is a regular bicycle that just happens to be much easier to ride. Like any regular bicycle, the electric bicycle has the same manner of pedaling and handling. Most of its weight is still the cyclists’ weight.

There are lots of types, brands, and conversion kits of these bicycles in the market. Accordingly, this bicycle is not about traveling at high speeds. It is not classified as a motor vehicle and therefore requires no license or insurance to operate. But there are some restrictions such as maximum speed and age limit.

Who will benefit the most with an electric bicycle?

All people at the right age can benefit from an electric bicycle. For it not just cater fun but an overwhelming experience. It can be a vehicle for getting into fitness. It can make one beat the traffic, can accelerate fast enough and keep up with the cars. It can make you traverse to places without sweat and make you appreciate scenic views all around. Ultimately, it is so nice for the environment.

Practically, people benefit from this innovation because in this they save money. Here, one can actually say goodbye to the gas station. Having an electric bicycle requires not for driver’s license, insurance, and license plate. To summed all, it simplifies life while benefits many.

Tips On Choosing Electric Bicycles

These days, a lot more individuals want to have new innovations which can help reduce the obliteration of our planet and make it a better place… Compared to regular motorcycles, these electric bicycles are much more eco-friendly. But you need to consider some things when buying it.

Its Cost

When buying anything, you need to consider the costs. Generally, it would cost you about $700 – $3500 to buy a new electric bicycle. In the even that you want to invest in your own vehicle, you need to choose a type that is durable, quality, and reliable.

Its Battery

The batteries are the most important thing that you consider when talking about electrical cycles. The length of your ride is determined by the battery type you use. A small bicycle is best for those who only need to travel a short distance. Premium battery power is best for long traveling. When you fully charge a typical battery, you can travel from 12 to 30 miles. Aside from this, you need to check the manufacture date of the battery before buying one to make sure that it is the latest because old batteries are likely to expose and pollute the environment.

The Motor

The speed will be determined by the motor and it is usually found in the front of the bike. Different speeds are offered by different types of motors. Since weight is a factor in speed, you need to check the motor’s weight as well. Because the motor is actually the heaviest aspect of the bicycle, you need to choose one that is suitable for your weight.


Local stores are the best place to go to for electrical items. In doing so, you can guarantee that you will get easy to reach qualified post-sale service. With after-sale service, you don’t have to worry about issues on the items.


Therefore, electric bicycles are very versatile. Almost everyone can find a great way to integrate them into their lives.  It will save you money big time. The maintenance and the dollar per mile costs are incredibly low in comparison to other modes of private transportation and especially if it has to be compared to owning a private car.

Electric bicycles can also improve our overall health and well-being.  You can do exercise on an e-bike combined with your other activities, like going to work, shopping at the nearby shopping center, enjoying a day at the park, etc. And above all, definitely, it is an environmentally friendly breakthrough and never will it contribute to the destruction of or surroundings. It can even help lessen hazards one way to another.

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