Best BMX Helmets or Jump Bike Helmet: the Best and Safest - PERFORMANCE BIKE - PERFORMANCE BICYCLE Best BMX Helmets or Jump Bike Helmet: the Best and Safest - PERFORMANCE BIKE - PERFORMANCE BICYCLE

Best BMX Helmets or Jump Bike Helmet: the Best and Safest

Best BMX Helmets

BMX is a thrilling and growing sport. Considered to be an “extreme sport”, BMX or a form of off-road racing, is a sport demanding of strength, agility, quick-handling response time, and stamina. While it is important to have a healthy body and a no-fear bravado to endure this sport, it is just as important to have the right equipment.

In order to safely participate in any biking activity, you need a helmet. Protection for your head is vital. In the sport of off-road biking or BMX, you need the best BMX helmet or jump bike helmet. BMX, due to its aggressive attributes, requires a bike helmet that can stand up to a lot of punishment–jumps, falls, spills, crashes, or hits. Getting the right bike helmet needs to be taken very seriously. To begin, look for a helmet that has been tagged with the CPSC (Consumer Product Saftey Commission) seal. Next, try various helmets on for fit and comfort. Even though we all want to look good or fashionable, if the helmet doesn’t fit properly, you won’t be able to wear it for long. Finally, try to familiarize yourself with well-known or recommended brands that are designed for BMX or jump biking. By combining all of these tips, finding the best and safest off-road BMX or jump bike helmet should be easy.The latest information from Consumer Guide magazine and Sports Medicine Guide has listed some BMX helmet winners.
“Giro Gila”: High-performance mountain bike with plenty of vent holes for comfort and snap-mounted visor for safety. It is competition ready. “Giro Venus”: Specifically women-friendly due to smaller, slender size. Lots of vents. Visor. Sleek in design. “Bell Aquila”: Consumer Guide’s top favorite. Fusion in-mold technology. Twin-action fit system for lock-and-slide adjustments. “Giro Remedy”: Full face protection. (covers entire head and chin) Highly rated amongst BMX racers and off-road enthusiasts. There are also many bike helmets for children. Look for helmets that offer full-head protection. “X Games”: Youth BMX helmet with side graphics and safety design. “Fly Racing Chaos”: Youth jump bike and extreme sports helmet. CPSC seal.

While looking for the best and safest BMX or jump bike helmet, considering the price is one factor, but always consider safety first. BMX is a rewarding sport if performed safely. The right fit, brand, CPSC certification, and style will lead to a satisfied consumer. BMX is here to stay. Choose the best bike helmet.

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